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Is Giveaway time again, but not mine. As you know I never will do a giveaway and previous giveaway was all from other blogger so this will not be any different. This time it is from Supermodel, their 3rd anniversary;

I will just briefly summarize the prize and how to join, more detail you have to go HERE.

Here we go, they have 2 OPTION of joining their giveaway or contest. Either you use your Facebook or Blogger, How to join!?

Facebook Photo Contest 2013; Go to this their page HERE. Press enter and fill in all the empty space and start asked for VOTE! Easy right!?

Below are all the prizes which might be your at the end of the contest, so look thru it and you might found something you like then GO ENTER the contest and get freebies, babe.

This is the GRAND PRIZE worth RM1112, 1 year supply of COLLAGEN HAIR & BEAUTY PRODUCTS! *Unbelievable right*

The 2nd PRIZE worth RM569, 1 year supply of COSMETICS PRODUCTS!!! *My favorite prize*

3rd PRIZE worth RM291, 1 year supply of BRA ESSENTIALS. Girls this is what we really need for the whole year so we can save up the bra money for clothes! hahaha

CONSOLATION PRIZE x 3 worth RM99, Automatic Tweezer & Leading hair removal. *lazy girls this is so suit you*

I Forgot to mention, for the first 40 x contestants whose get 38 VOTES qualifies to get a free guaranteed gift of you choice from below photo. If you choose to Blogger no worries because for the first 20 x Bloggers contestant will get the gift of your choice from the photo below too. So don't wait it is base on First COME, First SERVE. 
Choose from;
 #1. Magic Eyes
#2. Beauty blending sponge
#3. Hair volumising inserts
#4 Hello Kitty bottle
#5 Bra strap clip 3pcs
#8 Fashion tape 48pcs
#9 Magi Bra Strap transformer
lastly Smurfette Lipbalm

Blogger Contest; As easy as ABC, just do what we always do. Write a post about this GIVEAWAY and get a guaranted gift and stand a chance to win Bigger prize.

All you need to do is write the post and have all the below inside you post and you're DONE!


1. Put in Supermodel Facebook | Website | Blog link in the post.
2. Must have photo of the contest and sale.

Finish posting? You must remember to leave your details on their contest post comment HERE with;

Follower ID:
E-mail Address:
Link of the blog post of this contest:
Date and duration of post: (example: from 19 April 2013, 7pm until 21 April 2013, 7pm)
Choice of GIFT: (Example #9 Magic bra strap transformer)

*choose your gift from above photo*

This is the PRIZE for the winner bloggers;
#1. Secret styler 4 in 1 hair rotating iron.
#2. No heat curls.
#3 BB collagen face serum.

If you are not interested on contest but you spot stuff you want, no worries just buy from them. Currently they are having Deals/Discount/Offer 10% and up to 70% OFF!!

SO MUCH on SALES! Most details go to their website HERE
Deal #1. Happy Hair Deals, something to pamper your hairs.

Deal #2 Bra-licious Deals, you won't want pretty dress ruin by old or fugly bra strap right?

Deal #3 Love You Curves Deals, Who LIKE slim curvy body shape!?

Deal #4 & #4b Flawless Face Deals, Finally something to feed yours face! and make em PRETTY!

Deal #5 Goodbye double CHIN! Yes, chubby faces come get it!

Deal #6 Goodbye Stubborn FAT! Want Flat tummy this is what you need!

Deal #7 Smooth baby feet, Come if you can't bare to touch your own foots.

And Last deal #8 Mask cleanser, Never let you face skin die!!!!!!

So much to be WON! and so much DEALS!! What are you waiting fro! GO and enter or ORDER now before it end.

Lastly, vote for me too!! VOTE HERE

Thank you very much,

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