Saturday, May 18, 2013


Terrible Pain

The photo will be slightly disgusting, due to all are my inner mouth photo! hahahaha! Am giving some useful tips or someone with terrible experience advice. Work or not idk but atleast try first, firstly my story before telling you how to heal it. =P

Like what my title written, TERRIBLE PAIN, last few week was having terrible heaty problem cause my mouth grow full of ULCERS! Normally ulcer grow on the inner lips this time it grow below my teeth which is my gums. At first it look like nothing just minor pain like pimple pain below my lips so I didnt care much assume it is a pimple gonna pop out. Then I was so wrong thinking it was a pimple, it getting worst by day and i spotted a tiny white spot. Tiny I mean really tiny, as photo below; *i draw the white dot myself* LOL!
Tiny right? So I thought it will go off few days later if I keep on consumer plenty of waters. MANA TAU it does heal my ulcer but getting more and more and more worst! It look super terrible and painful, it grown bigger day by day. I use many salt rubber it on the ulcer everyday at least twice. I even try using mouthwash but it doesn't work too but hurting my mouth/gum/lips more. It was the first time in my life suffer and painful till I feel like crying out by ulcer. You can't imagine how pain it is, it like you mouth have a big cut and keep on burning when you eat, drink or talk. Picture show how terrible it spread from a tiny white dot into three big pieces between my gum and inner lips; *I mosaic-ed and blurred the teeth part cause look super ugly.*
If you think above photo are terrible then you're so wrong! Because it turn out to become more WORSE! it take me around 2-3weeks to heal it and consumer so much water and it doesn't work. Was planning to go for doctor because it really make me can't eat, drink and talk comfortably. Few days after the photo above the ulcers conquer my gum/lips the 3-4 ulcers combine together become a more bigger form of ulcer. Now you feel how painful it is? Even only ulcer kill you but how is this gonna do to you?! I really almost cry out when it turn out become this;  
Then I keep on search online for the causes of ulcer and cure for ulcer, most of them said use salt and mouthwash which I already did it everyday every moment after i ate but still no use but making it worse and more painful I can't even sleep at night. Oh ya, I forgot I use pineapple too and I found online other people also use pineapple to actually hurt the ulcer so it will cure it. As you know pineapple actually fruit with acid so it works exactly like salt or maybe more powerful? But same useless last decision was going to doctor and then I found this Blog forgot the link, she say her son have ulcers too, she when to pharmacy and bought his med or liquid. This small bottle of medicine heal his painful ulcer in 2-3days!! This is the medi Muco-aid liquid, it look like a eyes drop bottle the liquid is semi-transparent and smell like panadol/fever liquid medi;
I go get it once I get off of work, it doesn't cost much only RM5 per bottle and you can use it many time. Only need to put a drop of it onto the ulcer, everyday 3 times. Once you put it on u will start fell numb, the mouth the tongue if you swallow some you throat might feel slightly numb too. 

It will be best if you wash you mouth with mouthwash then put some salt after that only you put this. Btw the taste really nasty like fever liquid or panadol.
After 3rd day I applied it actually heal my ulcer and no more pain. Recommend this too all people who have terrible ulcer like me try this before you go visit the doctor, cause if this works it help you save many money. One visit to doctor cost more than RM30 and this only cost your RM5.

And thanks to those friend who actually told me or advised me the method to heal my ulcer. There this friend who told me to use brush to brush my ulcer till it bleed then put salt. Okay for real PLEASE DON'T EVEN TRY THIS METHOD!!! It is so stupid to make it bleed it will be double or triple the pain and it might make it worse.

Only salt, mouthwash, pineapple and drink more water help if your's is minor ulcer. But when thing come worse better go for doctor if you don't mind paying more. =P


Mas Mesra said...

Yes you are right. It works well when you have ulcer and also works wonders when you have a terrible toothache. Just drop on the aching tooth.. and walla!!... the next few minutes the pain just disappear.

MsCarolineLzt said...

Yes this really work well I always intro this to my friends who have ulcers and the price is reasonable plus easy to get. Hahahahaha! Toothache it might work since it numb our ulcer it could numb our tooth

Anonymous said...

can i apply it on my lips.

MsCarolineLzt said...

ya it can be apply on lips since we can apply inside the lips, so it could work too

Ryea Hafizah said...

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