Friday, May 3, 2013



24hours not enough use again. Weekdays work work and still working, rushing everything before I go JB to meet up my baby boy for early birthday celebration and my birthday present from dad to Krabi.

Even you don't ask I will still explain why my birthday and still have to go all the way from KL to JB to meet bfy for celebration, it is because my bfy have to work half day on Saturday so am being a good and considerate gf. I fly myself to JB so we can once again celebrate my birthday together again. Am the mighty gf here! *smirk*

It quite tiring being in long relationship, is like you have a bf but than when you want someone to accompany you or dinner or movie or maybe when you super hungry in night there's no one Tabao you supper. No supper no movie no candlelight dinner no shoulder to cry when you're super tired and fed up with your boss.

It kinda mentally stress, if you get what I mean or a little bit sound psycho that like you imaging yourself having a bf but you don't have one or you have a bf but he is never existed. *stress*

Anyway, short post since was a little bit buy on work and too tired to blog using my laptop. Too much to say too much to show and too much too think I will keep it for next time.

Next post(maybe);

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