Sunday, June 30, 2013

DO You!?

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Do people still read my blog?!

I'm sorry to only post about my shop and keep on promoting it on my blog.
BECAUSE you guys don't support my shop! WHY!?

Good Night, great bazaar today and thanks to those who came to support us and those lovely customer who bought so many. *kisses*

Do remember our Pre-Order are closed on 15th and 30th every month starting this month.
Tomorrow is 30th so remember ORDER now.

Nighty night~

Monday, June 10, 2013


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Some of you might know that I had started a small online business with two of my babe.
We're selling Clothes and Caps imported(mostly) from Korean. Our Shop currently only on Facebook ; Hang.Over & Instragram ; Hang.Over Collection

Yesterday just done, finish with our Ready Stock shooting, too much to shoot it take us the whole day to finish it and repacking it into the plastic and boxed it.

This is ME in the Two way Sweater, just a sneak peak for all viewer. NO detail for now until we post it on Facebook. *Am so in LOVE with myself* This top is one of my favorite, I got myself one too. =P

This was the previous shooting, there're more we haven upload yet am too busy with our work and arranging/preparing for our first ever Bazaar end of this month. More detail coming up on our Facebook soon. Remember come and support us that day to get your hand on our clothes. Believe me, quality are all GOOD!

Come in two color, Red and Black.
ONLY Rm39.00 (Ready Stock)

It can be your best friend tee or couple tee, it really big which mean male can wear it as well.
If you like it grab it now! Our stock are really limited!! May not be restocking it.

Simpsons fans out there come and grab YOUR Bart Simpsons and bring him out with you.

RM59.00 (Ready Stock)
This is Limited stock and might not restocking.

We have sweet dress, for those who love Korean fashion.

Tango Flare (From Korean)
Color; Blue & Black

This is one of my favorite dress.

Cap LOVER! New and Funky cap/snapback

Dangerous Military Cap (One of our hit cap)
RM65.00 (Pre-Order)
We are having promo, Buy 3 caps FREE postage. Our pre-order close on every Saturday.

RM60 (Pre-Order)
White & Black (White Out Of Stock)
All cap can be mix for free postage.

We were planning to get knitted plushtoy / doll in.
All are 100% handmade by an old folk, we were thinking to help her to sell off the "animals", would you guys be kind and bring them home as their new owner?!

Let us know what you think it and the price you would pay for owning them.

Lastly, NEVER EVER forget about our very first Giveaway!
We are giving out Roll Up Pastel Tee for 4 lucky members.
How to win!? Click in and find out how to win, just few easy steps to win it!

If you can't wait for it or you don't feel so lucky, you wanna buy it right now. YES you can, just PM us.

Roll Up Pastel Tee
RM39.00 (Ready Stock except White)
Colors; Purple | Mint | Mustard | White (Pre-order for white only)

Remember to share it out to your friends, good thing have to share. <3
Keep following us for more update!!!! More are coming in.

Will be selling bags and shoe and accessories in the future.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guilty or Not?

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Slightly special, it was originally a Chinese question and Answer but I translate it into English as well. Please stay with it okay, Im English educated and self-learner in Chinese. Trying my best to translate it. The question was from a Malaysian Chinese FM DJ Facebook.

Question post again;

A third party must be wrong? Why? Third party wouldn't have Happiness? Do you agree with it? 

I answer; 

第三者, 如果知道对方有男/女朋友或老婆老公就是错!但第三者不知情况不代表无罪。破坏别人感情和婚姻就是错!第三者如果是用抢回来的就不会有幸福,如果哪个人真正的要给第三者幸福就不会让他做第三者。要做第三者就是预了不会得到幸福,破坏别人的幸福 以后你的幸福也会被破坏。
If third party knew she/he have gf/bf or husband/wife then it is WRONG! But if third party know nothing doesn't mean she/he is guileless. The one who destructed other relation or married then it is WRONG! If third party get the relation by using forced or snatched from other it will never be blessed. If that person really wanna give the third party a happy blessed life she/he will not let you be the extra one in the relationship. If you wanna be the extra one/third party you're predicted will never be blessed. You ruined other relationship, you're relationship will be ruined by other too.

This what we call an eye for an eye. (My additional words) hahahah!
Okay it sound so weird after i translate it into English, it sound nicer in Chinese. *smirk*

So what do you think?!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Who Want FREE Stuff?!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hanging Again?!

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My new online shop with my honeys; support us. Clothes updated more coming up. Find us at


Instagram; hangovercollection