Friday, July 26, 2013


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Yes am babysitting my bf brother which is 18years old alone studying at KL, far away from his home and family(JB). He just admitted into hospital for virus fever, which cause his eyeballs super red!

We are kinda awkward, although we seen each other for many time but we didn't talk to each other before. This is the first time I really speak with my bf brother, okay he sound nice and not as bad as he look like. 

New friend, LOL! He is comfortably lying on the bed with tv and I'm sitting next to the bed with my zombify look! Am super tired for the whole day of working, class then here. I have even got my lunch yet but I'm so sleepy right now. Serious aunty please reach earlier or else I might just fall asleep. 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


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Okay before starting my post as usual a bit selca! Hahaha~ it just me and the travel pack I recent from joining some YADAH giveaway. Really love the pastel box with YADAH on it. 
I guess most of the girls should know what is YADAH right? But firstly I must state first this is not a advert or sponsored post it If just me personally wanna post about it and not really a proper review just some experience.

Yesterday night I used the mask with came together in the prize I recent, a face mask and a nose page mask. Sorry no photo of the packaging I threw it away, I didn't know I will actually write a post about it.

Kay back to the main point which is the nose pad mask is really good!!! My nose pores are kinda obvious and many due to lack of sleep or late sleep. So I always buy nose pad mask from SaSa, so far I tried Sasatine and Biore nose pad mask and both are okay for me not super good or no effect.
Sasatine are kinda too sticky really hard to peel it out from the invisible paper and when it dried on my nose even I peel it slowly it still hurt a bit, the amount of pores can't out not many. 

As for Biore, normally won't too sticklt like Sasatine and easily can peel off amount of pores came out are almost the same to Sasatine. But I still using it till now maybe cause it was the first nose pad mask I use so I just continue using it. 

But after yesterday I actually feel like changing my nose mask to YADAH nose mask. But what is the price for yadah nose mask? Hahaha! I didn't so any research about it, do anyone know the price? 

The size of YADAH nose mask is slightly smaller than the normal nose mask and it won't too sticky. Most important is the result are really surprising!! See by yourself, words can't really show how good the result is. 
See the yellow spots? Like little mushroom grow up from ground. Hahahah! As I said my nose pores is obvious and many!! Now you believe it or not? 

So if you have same problem as me and your current nose mask wasn't your favorite mask, you can try YADAH nose mask. 

Nighty night <3
Short post/review by experience from MsCarolineLzt

What Your Favorite Snack!?

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What your favorite snack?!
One of my favorite snack is this;

POPCORN! Yeah~ Especially when movie it is a must to have Popcorn.
Sometime I actually force my man to get me popcorn although we just had our dinner.
Don't you think popcorn is really yummy!? It is Crunchy and nice especially those fully coated with the flavouring! OHMAIGAD feel like having one box of popcorns now. Why do I have to post about popcorn now!? WHY!!!

All was their fault!! Yes them!!
Planet Popcorn Malaysia fault, I blame them to have this good chance to win myself some FREE POPCORNS by posting a post about popcorn.

Show you a sexy back picture of my man in red, with the Planet Popcorn gift package as a bag! Awww Miss him. (if you read my blog you know me & le man are distance relation couple)
Back to topic, Popcorn as snack of the day for today! hahahahahah And this post making me to wanna go movie with le man enjoying a big box of Cheese or Seaweed Popcorn from Planet Popcorn Malaysia. 

Awww~ Hope they wil just GIMME free popcorn without winning this giveaway. *smirk* Planet Popcorn Malaysia know what to do!? hahah *Joking*

Recent they have this new flavour of coconuty, am wondering how does it really taste like. Salty or Sweet or maybe really taste like eating coconut meat or Santan!? LOL

By the why I went to Sunway kiosk and their stalls are really friendly and kind. They keep on smile making me feel like smiling too. They are good and patiently service me and le man when we were in trouble of choosing what flavour we gonna get and allow us to keep on tasting it till we got what we want. hahahahah! We are really typical Malaysian which never let goes any free tasting stuff! *evil smile*

Anyway, wanna have a chance to win yourself a RM100 cash from Planet Popcorn Malaysia easy peasy go to BLOG US contest and read everything. Do a post like what I did and submit the detail they want and WAIT for your name to appear.

Btw every qualify entry can redeem a free vacuum packet from any outlet. JOIN JOIN and get yourself a free vacuum packet before you winning the RM100 cash.

Bye I'm done with my post entry and waiting to redeem my vacuum packet! HOORAYYYY~!! <3


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bazaar E@Curve

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Hey come over to E@Curve to get closer look on our clothes bags and accessories.

Many new stock come and grab it. We are placed right infront of Ah Cheng Laksa!! Come and support me and my friends =) TGIS *cheers* xoxo


Friday, July 19, 2013

Shame On You

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Today lunch, i saw an old man in wheelchair. Asking / waving his hand so someone will actually help him up to a stair but none of the people helping him! some just look at him and do nothing, some ignore him! So I asked my colleague to help him up, because I don't have the strength to push him up. 
Human nowadays never will help, they will stare at you like they have super power using their eyes to help you out. Shame on you guys!! 😠😠😠

Then the old man sit the same table we sat, and he started to chat many many many many many thing with us. Talk about why we don't go oversea work and Malaysia won't last long it will damage soon. Hahahahaha! 

And he thought me and my colleague was married couple, he asked my colleague in Cantonese "your wife?" Finger point me. We were so damn awkward for a moment. We were like, smile awkwardly and told the old man nope me we are not couple we are just colleague and keep shake head and repeating we are just colleague. You know those awkward action la. It actually quite funny at the same time. Hahahahah =_________= 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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You know who is he!? Yanis Marshall is his name!! You have to know him, did you watch how he dance!? With high heels and those flexible moves, am in love in him and feel like dance again. Yes he dance and he teach Street Jazz! Some people say High Heels weremade for men in the first place, it is truth!? Can anyone tell me?

If you wanna know him more READ (if not, you may just skip this part and view the video straight away);

BIOGRAPHY: Yanis Marshall, French choreographer, teacher and dancer, began dancing at an early age with his mother (Director of a dance association near Cannes). At only 15, he obtained his Jazz Dance EAT (Technical Ability Examination) with honours.

He joined the cast of "Le Roi Soleil". Youngest of the troupe, he was then only 16 years. Yanis continued his career as a dancer with the musical "Les Dix Commandements" and many other shows.
In 2009, right after turning 20 years, he met Sheryl Murakami at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. There he fell in love with the American Street Jazz style and he decided to develop it in France.

With its multidisciplinary training, he now teaches Street Jazz, Lyrical Jazz and Cabaret in heels at Studio Harmonic in Paris and throughout France internships. Faced with different levels of teaching, Yanis Marshall demonstrates a great capacity for adaptation.

Since recently he can be seen as a candidate on M6 in the show "The Best Dance" where he defends his own choreography.

Yanis Marshall is there to create Change and to reinvent his art.
His uniqueness is that it is one of the few men in France to dance and offer dance classes in heels!
He is a young man full of ambition, who leads his career by taking his own decisions.

Today, at only 23 years old he is one of the best hopes of Dance in France.
We will quickly understand how he became one of the youngest choreographers and dance teacher in Paris

Wanna see more of his choreography go to Yanis Marshall - Youtube
Biography took from his Youtube.

Hop to Work

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Im back to work facing reality which shopping everyday make you poor.
Most tiring trip ever, I thought back to few years ago my family trip to China was the worse and the most tiring but this trip to Thailand was the most exhausted trip ever!
Is like riding in a roller coaster.

And I was late to work today, Lucky my sis woke me up if not it will be EL(Emergency Leave) for me.
Random short post, while waiting for lunch! AM SUPER HUNGRY, I can eat a cow right now.

............To Be Continue <3

Sunday, July 14, 2013


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Guess where am I!
Short post before sleep, really tired. 

On my family trip and it is out off my expectation. I thought it will be all about shopping! But then it was my first time here so I really hope to go around before starting buying stuff. So it look like 4days wasn't enough. And I already wasted my first day in the plane and walking around the city or town. Taking taxi taking train go here and there. 

Yet tomorrow I can't start my buying too gonna go to the other town in the early morning.

Seriously why do tourist have to walk so much!? Serious there are taxi or cab everywhere!!!! Do we really need to walk few KILOMETERS? I like walked my whole year quota at here. In our own country even it is one block away we drive there but at other country we have to walk few block we still walk. 

Human oh human!!!
Night tgis

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thank You

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This year what I have got from organizer or won from giveaway consider many. Not trying to show off but yes seriously many stuff I got from Blogging or social media. I got merchandise, foods, voucher & movies.  Now who said Internet have bad influence? hahahah! For me not really, even my AiAi 4s were won from internet. If you want something you just need to go for it.

Random short posting,
Nighty night <3 TGIF

..... to be continue

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


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Show you maa face first worry you guys might forgot how I look like. hahahah! Just have a Quick look okay and remember my face come view my blog more often I try my best to update more.

So done looking at my photo!? If you're curious where I got my top and legging, their're both from my Online shop Hang.Over go grab it now Limited pieces. Anyway, Been sometime I didn't update blog. Instead of updating my life or thing you'll might wanna read, I updated many GIVEAWAY and PROMOTING stuff on my online store. I'm sorry, but should I feel guilty? Hmmm~ I think nayy am not feeling guilty. hahahaha

Because even I didn't update my blog seriously, I still always thinking about what to updated what to post and what to review for my reader/viewer *if there're*. You just have to wait, I snap everything included food, myself, places and stuff. Just give me sometime to get back my blogging feel.

Right now only bullshitting and posting nonsense to pass my work time!

Before I get off, Any interested buyer? for this 3 little Kitties figurine?! I got them from Singapore 7-Eleven this years. Actually bought by my brother, which I kinda force him to help me. Wasn't paid by me too, my bfy paid them. I swear I didn't force him, I told him I want it and he said "Okay since you want it, I paid for it as your 22nd Birthday present" *Happy* But kinda regret should use those money for bags instead this! Hng
This version Hello Kitty (x) Tokidoki have 10 pieces and I have completed it, and have 3 extra pieces which is as above. Wondering any serious buyer interested in it? Just email me your price and where you from so we can nego easily.


♥ 2 Year Blogiversary Giveaway ♥

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Opssy~ But not mine 2 years blogiversary nor giveaway from me.
If you know me or my regular viewer you will know it been years I blog, since I was in Secondary school. Just that, I'm not that famous and didn't update my blog often.

Anyway, giveaway is from HER; THT Christina - Who is she!?
Not my friends but she a Blogger, a Fashion Beauty blogger.
Girls you must read her post more, she have pretty Nails and Makeup tutorial.
She did review for Contact lenses, Makeup Products and Clothes, her blog are like all in one from top to toes.

Come back to the giveaway;

Beauty products are the prizes;

Sephora makeup palette
5 Pairs of lashes
Pupa eyeliner, mascara & pouch
2 spring colored polishes
under eye mask
hair velcro

Attractive enough for you to join!? No reason for not joining!!
I'm joining & sharing it with my viewer if there're still viewer here.
Easy step to get the chance of winning go to ( THT Christina ) for details.

GOOD LUCK peoples!!
Happy Wednesday, Weekend is coming!
Happy Fasting to all my Malays friends.
*small reminder, always apologize to your Malays friends if you really need to eat or drink*

Sweetaholic Beauty

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Sweetaholic Beauty hit her 200,000 Pageview.
So to award her regular viewer or a Appreciate token for her reader, she giving away some beauty products.

Btw if you don't know who is she, a short intro;
Her name is Jasmine, live in Melbourne, Australia (a pretty country). She a really sweet looking girls in her 20's. She a Beauty blogger, so girls you might find something useful from her blog. =)

Okay, back to the giveaway.
Stuffshe giving is;

Australis Limited Edition Pretty Pastels Palette
Lime Crime Lipstick in My Beautiful Rocket
Born to Balm Lip Balm in Killa Vanilla
Napoleon Perdis Mascara
Australis Intensifeye Quad in You Beauty
Sleek Blush Limited Edition in Mirrored Pink
Daiso Eyelashes
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Mini
Surprise Present!

Does the prizes just make you wanna join the giveaway!?
Here the details ( Sweetaholic Beauty Giveaway )

GOOD LUCK everyone and ME too.
Happy Wednesday