Wednesday, July 10, 2013


♥ 2 Year Blogiversary Giveaway ♥

Opssy~ But not mine 2 years blogiversary nor giveaway from me.
If you know me or my regular viewer you will know it been years I blog, since I was in Secondary school. Just that, I'm not that famous and didn't update my blog often.

Anyway, giveaway is from HER; THT Christina - Who is she!?
Not my friends but she a Blogger, a Fashion Beauty blogger.
Girls you must read her post more, she have pretty Nails and Makeup tutorial.
She did review for Contact lenses, Makeup Products and Clothes, her blog are like all in one from top to toes.

Come back to the giveaway;

Beauty products are the prizes;

Sephora makeup palette
5 Pairs of lashes
Pupa eyeliner, mascara & pouch
2 spring colored polishes
under eye mask
hair velcro

Attractive enough for you to join!? No reason for not joining!!
I'm joining & sharing it with my viewer if there're still viewer here.
Easy step to get the chance of winning go to ( THT Christina ) for details.

GOOD LUCK peoples!!
Happy Wednesday, Weekend is coming!
Happy Fasting to all my Malays friends.
*small reminder, always apologize to your Malays friends if you really need to eat or drink*

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