Sunday, July 14, 2013



Guess where am I!
Short post before sleep, really tired. 

On my family trip and it is out off my expectation. I thought it will be all about shopping! But then it was my first time here so I really hope to go around before starting buying stuff. So it look like 4days wasn't enough. And I already wasted my first day in the plane and walking around the city or town. Taking taxi taking train go here and there. 

Yet tomorrow I can't start my buying too gonna go to the other town in the early morning.

Seriously why do tourist have to walk so much!? Serious there are taxi or cab everywhere!!!! Do we really need to walk few KILOMETERS? I like walked my whole year quota at here. In our own country even it is one block away we drive there but at other country we have to walk few block we still walk. 

Human oh human!!!
Night tgis


Nick said...

happy holiday! :)

MsCarolineLzt said...

=) Morning im bcak in msia *tiring*