Wednesday, July 10, 2013



Show you maa face first worry you guys might forgot how I look like. hahahah! Just have a Quick look okay and remember my face come view my blog more often I try my best to update more.

So done looking at my photo!? If you're curious where I got my top and legging, their're both from my Online shop Hang.Over go grab it now Limited pieces. Anyway, Been sometime I didn't update blog. Instead of updating my life or thing you'll might wanna read, I updated many GIVEAWAY and PROMOTING stuff on my online store. I'm sorry, but should I feel guilty? Hmmm~ I think nayy am not feeling guilty. hahahaha

Because even I didn't update my blog seriously, I still always thinking about what to updated what to post and what to review for my reader/viewer *if there're*. You just have to wait, I snap everything included food, myself, places and stuff. Just give me sometime to get back my blogging feel.

Right now only bullshitting and posting nonsense to pass my work time!

Before I get off, Any interested buyer? for this 3 little Kitties figurine?! I got them from Singapore 7-Eleven this years. Actually bought by my brother, which I kinda force him to help me. Wasn't paid by me too, my bfy paid them. I swear I didn't force him, I told him I want it and he said "Okay since you want it, I paid for it as your 22nd Birthday present" *Happy* But kinda regret should use those money for bags instead this! Hng
This version Hello Kitty (x) Tokidoki have 10 pieces and I have completed it, and have 3 extra pieces which is as above. Wondering any serious buyer interested in it? Just email me your price and where you from so we can nego easily.


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