Friday, July 19, 2013


Shame On You

Today lunch, i saw an old man in wheelchair. Asking / waving his hand so someone will actually help him up to a stair but none of the people helping him! some just look at him and do nothing, some ignore him! So I asked my colleague to help him up, because I don't have the strength to push him up. 
Human nowadays never will help, they will stare at you like they have super power using their eyes to help you out. Shame on you guys!! 😠😠😠

Then the old man sit the same table we sat, and he started to chat many many many many many thing with us. Talk about why we don't go oversea work and Malaysia won't last long it will damage soon. Hahahahaha! 

And he thought me and my colleague was married couple, he asked my colleague in Cantonese "your wife?" Finger point me. We were so damn awkward for a moment. We were like, smile awkwardly and told the old man nope me we are not couple we are just colleague and keep shake head and repeating we are just colleague. You know those awkward action la. It actually quite funny at the same time. Hahahahah =_________= 

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