Tuesday, July 23, 2013


What Your Favorite Snack!?

What your favorite snack?!
One of my favorite snack is this;

POPCORN! Yeah~ Especially when movie it is a must to have Popcorn.
Sometime I actually force my man to get me popcorn although we just had our dinner.
Don't you think popcorn is really yummy!? It is Crunchy and nice especially those fully coated with the flavouring! OHMAIGAD feel like having one box of popcorns now. Why do I have to post about popcorn now!? WHY!!!

All was their fault!! Yes them!!
Planet Popcorn Malaysia fault, I blame them to have this good chance to win myself some FREE POPCORNS by posting a post about popcorn.

Show you a sexy back picture of my man in red, with the Planet Popcorn gift package as a bag! Awww Miss him. (if you read my blog you know me & le man are distance relation couple)
Back to topic, Popcorn as snack of the day for today! hahahahahah And this post making me to wanna go movie with le man enjoying a big box of Cheese or Seaweed Popcorn from Planet Popcorn Malaysia. 

Awww~ Hope they wil just GIMME free popcorn without winning this giveaway. *smirk* Planet Popcorn Malaysia know what to do!? hahah *Joking*

Recent they have this new flavour of coconuty, am wondering how does it really taste like. Salty or Sweet or maybe really taste like eating coconut meat or Santan!? LOL

By the why I went to Sunway kiosk and their stalls are really friendly and kind. They keep on smile making me feel like smiling too. They are good and patiently service me and le man when we were in trouble of choosing what flavour we gonna get and allow us to keep on tasting it till we got what we want. hahahahah! We are really typical Malaysian which never let goes any free tasting stuff! *evil smile*

Anyway, wanna have a chance to win yourself a RM100 cash from Planet Popcorn Malaysia easy peasy go to BLOG US contest and read everything. Do a post like what I did and submit the detail they want and WAIT for your name to appear.

Btw every qualify entry can redeem a free vacuum packet from any outlet. JOIN JOIN and get yourself a free vacuum packet before you winning the RM100 cash.

Bye I'm done with my post entry and waiting to redeem my vacuum packet! HOORAYYYY~!! <3

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