Tuesday, July 23, 2013



Okay before starting my post as usual a bit selca! Hahaha~ it just me and the travel pack I recent from joining some YADAH giveaway. Really love the pastel box with YADAH on it. 
I guess most of the girls should know what is YADAH right? But firstly I must state first this is not a advert or sponsored post it If just me personally wanna post about it and not really a proper review just some experience.

Yesterday night I used the mask with came together in the prize I recent, a face mask and a nose page mask. Sorry no photo of the packaging I threw it away, I didn't know I will actually write a post about it.

Kay back to the main point which is the nose pad mask is really good!!! My nose pores are kinda obvious and many due to lack of sleep or late sleep. So I always buy nose pad mask from SaSa, so far I tried Sasatine and Biore nose pad mask and both are okay for me not super good or no effect.
Sasatine are kinda too sticky really hard to peel it out from the invisible paper and when it dried on my nose even I peel it slowly it still hurt a bit, the amount of pores can't out not many. 

As for Biore, normally won't too sticklt like Sasatine and easily can peel off amount of pores came out are almost the same to Sasatine. But I still using it till now maybe cause it was the first nose pad mask I use so I just continue using it. 

But after yesterday I actually feel like changing my nose mask to YADAH nose mask. But what is the price for yadah nose mask? Hahaha! I didn't so any research about it, do anyone know the price? 

The size of YADAH nose mask is slightly smaller than the normal nose mask and it won't too sticky. Most important is the result are really surprising!! See by yourself, words can't really show how good the result is. 
See the yellow spots? Like little mushroom grow up from ground. Hahahah! As I said my nose pores is obvious and many!! Now you believe it or not? 

So if you have same problem as me and your current nose mask wasn't your favorite mask, you can try YADAH nose mask. 

Nighty night <3
Short post/review by experience from MsCarolineLzt

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