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You know who is he!? Yanis Marshall is his name!! You have to know him, did you watch how he dance!? With high heels and those flexible moves, am in love in him and feel like dance again. Yes he dance and he teach Street Jazz! Some people say High Heels weremade for men in the first place, it is truth!? Can anyone tell me?

If you wanna know him more READ (if not, you may just skip this part and view the video straight away);

BIOGRAPHY: Yanis Marshall, French choreographer, teacher and dancer, began dancing at an early age with his mother (Director of a dance association near Cannes). At only 15, he obtained his Jazz Dance EAT (Technical Ability Examination) with honours.

He joined the cast of "Le Roi Soleil". Youngest of the troupe, he was then only 16 years. Yanis continued his career as a dancer with the musical "Les Dix Commandements" and many other shows.
In 2009, right after turning 20 years, he met Sheryl Murakami at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. There he fell in love with the American Street Jazz style and he decided to develop it in France.

With its multidisciplinary training, he now teaches Street Jazz, Lyrical Jazz and Cabaret in heels at Studio Harmonic in Paris and throughout France internships. Faced with different levels of teaching, Yanis Marshall demonstrates a great capacity for adaptation.

Since recently he can be seen as a candidate on M6 in the show "The Best Dance" where he defends his own choreography.

Yanis Marshall is there to create Change and to reinvent his art.
His uniqueness is that it is one of the few men in France to dance and offer dance classes in heels!
He is a young man full of ambition, who leads his career by taking his own decisions.

Today, at only 23 years old he is one of the best hopes of Dance in France.
We will quickly understand how he became one of the youngest choreographers and dance teacher in Paris

Wanna see more of his choreography go to Yanis Marshall - Youtube
Biography took from his Youtube.

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