Friday, August 30, 2013

Start Fight

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Start fighting! The Unbeatable, which I'm kinda outdated because I just watched yesterday with my buddy. We are still pushing blame to each other to reach cinema late causing us have to sit at the front 2nd row! Neck pain! Backbone suffer but the movie still exciting and the body is still sexy!!! *drool*

This is kinda a famous Movie thou, because Cheung Ka Fai he is kinda old now like 40's? and he train his body into sexily muscular!! The body which every men want and every women will die for it. He use 6 months time to burst out all those muscles, as my bfy told me so la. hahahah!

Anyway, it is indeed a great movie! Great motivation for men to start up their body building plan and women to more desire toward macho man! So men out there don't bring your gf to watch this movie or else she might just complain about your body. ahahah!

Yeah~ I did complain my bfy a little why isn't him half of Peng Yu Yan!! tsk tsk~ This movie really give me more motivation to go to gym and really give me an urge to continue with MuayThai!! but the fee is too expensive!!! arghhh~~ why don't I have a friend who open muaythai or boxing class so I can get cheaper or free classes! hahahah
Peng Yu Yan is still the flame, he is so taller and so sunshine and his body! OMG~ *melting* He is my type! I don't like overly fair men I prefer slightly tanned guy and yes my bfy is fair type! isk~ Peng Yu Yan is really tall, 180cm+! Tall guys really attract me even he is not really handsome but I still think tall guys is really charming.

Cheaung Ka Fai also flame la just not as flame as PYY. hahahah! His extreme body change really a shock to everyone, from a skinny comedian to a hot muscular man. I saw facebook people posting about him train till argue with his wife and have to separate room. hmmm~ no comment he is still handsome and his body is still perfect!

And never forget the young girl in that movie, is a Malaysian, Crystal Lee 10 years old and a star. Idk what you think, but I don't really like her because she kinda young but already doing adult job and acting so adult. My own opinion it wasn't a good childhood for her. Anyway her acting is not bad for her age. =) May future  more brighter for her and don't turn out to be Miley Cyrus Malaysia version. hahahahah!
If you haven watch "The Unbeatable" you just have to go and watch it right now. Until now the hall is still full, this show how great this movie is. Highly recommending people to watch even Indian and Malay can go and watch. You won't regret watching and it worth your dollars, I went to watch at Setiawalk yesterday for only RM9. Oh~ This whole week you will experience sing "Negaraku" in the cinema hall! NO WAY you can experience it other than my country I think. =_=" Is like forcing own citizen to be more patriotism. 

Ending this post with HANDSOME Peng Yu Yan!!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


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Recently she got really famous and viral on internet, but it is not a good thing for her and us! She had just crushed my childhood Hannah Montana! which I quite liking her song by that time "The Climb".

This video I had watched few time and still feel she is so disgusting and not pretty at all! Her act is such a shame.

Miley Cyrus you are so disgusting!! Especially at VMA! with the tongue-ing move and butt smelling smacking to the foam fingering action plus the butt shaking! OMFG

I love your "We Can't Stop" but the MV is SUCK! You new look is so not for you please. It is so GAGA-ish in a more disgusting way and Lady Gaga look better with her way.

And well don't shake your butt again because You don't have a nice butt nor a good shaking butt. I saw Smosh make some not bad gif pic for her 10 Best WTF.

I will still like her We Can't Stop but not her.


Wet N Wild!

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Giveaway!! Not mine, I don't make giveaway due to even I do no one will enter it so why waste time. This giveaway not from Wet N Wild is from The Dark Side Of Beauty she is gonna pick one winner. DO you feel LUCKY!? Join now~
Easy to join just follow few step and wait till you name showed on her Facebook or Blog. =)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Half Marathon

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It been awhile I did not run for marathon, I used to be actively in marathon, morning jogging, hiking, paint-ball, badminton and some other sport. I just got slackly now. Am trying to adjust back sport into my life again, started back gym, swimming and trying to join more marathon hopefully this time won't slack half way again! I want my Abs back to live! hahahah

Anyway, I joined the NB Half Marathon (New Balance) on August 18. Shouldn't compare much but I will still complain a little bit, just a bit okay? LOL
Compare to the last marathon I ran and this is really not as good as the previous one, fyi my last marathon was Nike We Run KL 10k 2012 at October. 

I thought I might got a legs cramp half way but nope I didn't get any and I reached end point at the same timing which I got in Nike Run. I was a bit slack off for this Half marathon and I got the same timing mean I can go further and more faster. OKAY!! I must run till I can get a 55 minutes, must try my very best next time.

Okay, why NOT GOOD!?
firstly, they didn't gave we us goodies bag or big recycle bag with sport drink nor bread, Not even NB voucher. *so sad* My sis complain their tee are quite thin and adsorb sweat but I think still okay at least it is in RED! yeah I love red. They didn't gave 10k runner finisher tee! DAFUQ! Although not very fancy finisher tee but I want it lo wei~ just give us one la since NB didn't gave us goodies. Their 5k, 10k or 21k finisher medal are the same medal.

Know what they have firecracker for something like open ceremony, we are discussing and kinda complain about NB using our registration fee to buy those firecracker thats's why we didn't get any goodies bag LOL! NB didn't gave us goodies bag but they prepared us power-bar before start running but we didn't see where to get it and After run, there're mineral to take it ourselves no one really giving it to us they just open and put it there and NO BANANA! Nike gave banana at the ending point. They also bring Vico, 100plus and Fitnesse cereal truck in, other than that they have watermelon but not cold one and curry puff but sis bfy said it taste weird.

End of complaining. (picture from that day)

I matched with my Neon yellow sport short.

After rest awhile take good sit on the green grass, how often will you go step over or sit on a field? So much take this chance to sit on it, which make me feel like Im really healthy! hahah That Jamie next to me which is really exited about what we gonna have later for late breakfast.

And of course a picture with my sis sis, Im just too good too kind cause I choose to post the one she look nicer and Im not.

My number tag; H8028 go get lottery now! If won please 50 50. hahahaaa

This is no exception! Me and the medal, sis sis said "This pose again! Always the same pose" I replied her "IDONTCARE I look cute" hahahahh! Good photo credit to sis sis.

The bunch tagged along in Marathon.
Group shot #1

Group shot #2
The anonymous who helped us capture said "Can't see the NB d, bend bend fast bend down!" So we are are like gravity when heavier! hahaha He is one hilarious fella.

All the Medals!

Result ; I know I shouldn't proud of myself running 10k using 1hours and 20minutes. I will do better next time.

Got home bath and rest, night go gym and night swim!! Yeah~ Im not robot but am just so full of energy for sport.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Once a Wise Man Said

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Once a Wise man said;

If you can't live peacefully together now, how about future?

The wise man is my Dad.

He once saw me arguing with bfy on phone and he told me. You guys can't even stay peacefully together even both of you are far away and not even married, how will it be after married and start staying together in the future?

It really mean many, I although look like I ignored him while he told me so but I really do remember everything he told me. I really do daddy, but it is really hard for two people who can't even see each other to not arguing. Especially when he don't believe me and keep on suspecting non-sense. Sometime it is really suffering, suffer which make me breathless and feel like dying right away. No one to talk to, no one I can really talk to and they never will understand how I feel or understand what kind of situation I'm in.

Yes I do feel suffer.

-Logging Off-

Friday, August 23, 2013

CIku in English?

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Yes, is Question time again. Can anyone tell me what "ciku" called in English!? Or do anyone know or don't know what ciku is?! Seriously don't go to your dictionary, answer me with your own thought or what you know about ciku. Then only you go search thru your dictionary.
Okay, I been making big mistake about ciku since IDK when or since I'm young. I had been thought ciku as Kiwi! WTF~! I know im sound dumb now =______=" You guys might just have this look right now.

I just realise am was wrong when my colleague asked me what ciku is in English and without thinking more I told him kiwi! WTF!! I felt so stupid for few second till my colleague tease me, he said "don't you go tell people ciku is kiwi people will LMAO" I was like dafuq!

Anyway, this is CIKU in Malay and SAPODILLA in English ot 人心果(ren xin guo) in Chinese. Just remember this and don't let people laugh at your like me. WTF!

And this is what we called KIWI! not CIKU! I make mistake because they look the same just that the meat color are different and kiwi is more hairier.



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Suffocated not because strangled by people, because I'm sick! The nose are really not cooperated with me and my body started to collaborate with my nose and my PMS actually go with them as well, together they became a great team of painful and suffer to me. Wtf!

My nose is peeling off, my lips is cracking red and both are super ugly and discomfort. My throat got better a little bit, my body is really painful from the shoulder to the backbone. One good thing is no phlegm.

Been having minor headache few days, and official sick on the day before my final exam which is Monday night. I went into exam hall with new pack of tissue and come out with a bunch of fresh "wanton" or dumpling some people called in English.

Then this morning wake up with minor headache and struggling whether should or shouldn't go work but end up my sis who keep on saying is 8:30! We gonna be late so I went to work! Super regretted and took a half day Leave to go home have my good rest To make sure I'm fully recover from my sick and headache.

*Because my company gonna have a makan makan section tomorrow lunch for belated Raya fest! Which I don't hope to missed it out since every department colleague will be there it sound fun to me.*

Daddy just made me some weird tasting tea which he keep said is his very own secret recipe to cure flu, cough, throat and heaty. It taste like steam fish!!! I drank that whenever I got sick, working or not tomorrow Morning you will know.

At the same time my bf at JB is sick too. He is having high fever and his dad bought him to the hospital but hospital no more empty bed for him so he can't admit in, he have to go home rest without pretty nurse service.

And he didn't find me for 2days, he say he gonna die and have no energy to find me. Wtf excuses!! Never mind, I'm used to his baboon attitude I will not forgive him just because he is sick! I'm sick and I can still at least try to called him. He is not appreciating me so I don't care. 

Good night, TGIF!

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Studies Fate!

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Here is my studies fate! Whether I can graduate or can go UK or not depend on tomorrow! It is my very final for myself! I decide if I still fail them I'm will request my parent let me give up of my studies. I said it I meant it. I'm fed up with my studies which dragged me for one years.

So this must be ended here, I'm no longer young and no longer have time to wasted again. Wish me luck please!

But before my exam I must rest myself and relax for awhile before continue with my revision till tomorrow sun rise. I only took one day leave for my exam, I didn't take any day off from work for revision I didn't some note at my working place! *grumpy*

And now I'm home relaxing, doing/trying my new bought mask from Étude House. Taadaaa~~~

Is look like wet tissue but nope it isn't, it is mask I got from Etude House. It is 20 pieces in a box!! Guess how much I got it for?

Is around RM30 per box! It only cost RM1.50 per mask. It supposedly to be RM60 but it was their on sale item so buy 1 free 1. Imma happy girl & my darling Sarah, we got each one box!

This is for Moisturizing + Firming care & Brightening + Glowing care, it contain Royal Jelly and Collagen. 

The size is average consider got my fat chubby face, I bought many mask which actually too big for my face or too small and my fat nose could cover up.

The mask wasn't too thin, cause I got thinner mask than this and I actually tears off a bit when I trying to open up the mask. *sigh* I am just too strong. Hahahaha!

I normally wash away those moisturize/liquids after mask, idk how other do it after masking their face. I know Sarah left it on face. I can't left it on my face, after I peel off I will massage a bit and left those moisture my face for like 20-30sec then I will just wash it off. I can't stand how stick my face is with those moisturize on, especially when I go to bed.

This mask the moisturize are slightly oily but not really sticky like those I usually use. Normally mask you take out from the packaging the moisturize/liquids will start dripping right, even you put it onto your face it will still dripping. This mask it will not drip, I think the amount of the moisturize are not much. If you want it to be watery drip, you can just press softly toward below the box before you took it out. This is what I think la it might work and make those liquid go back into the mask lol!

I like this mask the most is the fragrance on it! It smell like real honey are wiped on your face!! It smell so so so so so GOOD!!

Result of the mask;
My face feel more smooth and soft but not bright and glow much! Hahaha probably I need to use it more often.

Here it is, time to face those judgement of my life as student. *gloomier and bluest of my life* 

Saturday, August 17, 2013


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This is us two years back, where we are still young and naive without a future planning. All we know is rebellious, against our parents will and still got together even they don't allow. By that time, the only thing we want and we do is get together everywhere we go. Sticking together, even he go work I accompany him sometime, he will accompany me to class sometime.

All we know is he my Prince Charming and I'm his little Princess. By then we never worries of money he work and I work, we seldom spend much other than go dinner or movie dating. We didn't have serious planning or think of future. 

And this is us now, we are now both no longer naive. People said a person will learn from mistake and never do it again. We both got our lesson and learn from mistake, we are now back together. We didn't stick together everyday now, we are far apart. Our financial are not as freely as last time, we both need to work hard to save our future. We only meet once a month and do appreciate it even only 2days time. All we want now is earn our future and we can get together again. Holding hand together till we going into the grave. 

Good thing is we are not rebellious and our parents both side accepted us.

If you ask me which period I love it and I hope to stay forever, it will be now. 

Although we can't stick together everyday every moment, but I really do like it. Because he will more appreciate me more and more. The more you can't have it, the more you want it. It make him think me more, even he sleep he will wake in the middle of night checking his phone for my messages.

We are not naive only know go out dating hangout, but we know how cruel this world is without money. We both trying hard to save even we don't have money to go for extra entertainment just to get a better future. This is what We really want, a future with the one we really darling of. It is not matter of money but the person who we will hold hand and walk till the end. 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coffee Tea or Me

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Morning peeps~ How was your Thursday morning? Still having BLUE from Monday blue or still hanging-over by morning sick!? Have you grab yourself a cup of caffeine? No? Go grab yourself a cup then to kick starting your morning. =P Oh well, I don't drink coffee nor tea nor soft drink too. ahahahah!

Even I don't drink coffee, I might buy myself one just because of the graphic on the cream foam. Yeah~ I will buy just for the coffee art the barista will made for me. I like cute stuff so I willing to try if they have cute art on it. *easy money to be earn from woman*

Don't you think it is cute? Those art on coffee.

Human are really creative, from those normal foam art into colouring coffee art on foam! It look so attractive right, but more artificial la of course. Unless you believe cocoa powder come in many kind of colour la. Lmao

And colouring you coffee art is not all yet! They even play with the foam out of the mug or cup you call it. They making it 3D (since when people love 3D stuff huh!?) How can you drink that coffee with those cute 3D art on it! OMG~ The girrin(Giraffe in Korean) is supe cute!

If you still don't think it is special enough, go Taiwan! There're this Cafe call "Let's Caffe" invented or started with Photo coffee art. They offering to print your FACE onto your coffee so you can sip your own face into your tummy and poo it out! hahahaha

It is in celebrating the China Valentine, Qixi festival.

See you can even put in your kitty face on the coffee or latte and sip it into your stomach, no more worries of missing kitty cause it will be in your tummy. LOL! Okay LAME.

Those printing ingredients is not water-colour nor ink nor colouring, they're using Cocoa powder to create your photo on your latte. So you will not end up in emergency wad.

Here the adv for the latte printing, Interesting right!?

I am definitely grab one with my enemy face on it if the print coffee art come into Malaysia. So I can sip em into my stomach and POO them out of my ARSE! Or I should just print on my bosses face on it! hahahahah! Now I see it actually have the same power or function as the Chinese Traditional 打小人(Da xiao ren) in english we called it Villian hitting. Not a bad idea after all!

Ngek ngek ngek *evil smile*

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm Cinderella

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Story time;

My life is like a fairy tale; Im no difference than Cinderella, her dad pass away and have a evil step mother. My dad is healthy and my mom is my great mom not a evil step mom but both of them are super busy with their work. She have 2 step sister, I have two real sis but make no difference they are lazy and I have to cook and clean this and that. Cinderella have helpful mouse, I have 2stupid useless brother who pissed me everyday. She have Prince Charming with White Horse, I have an idiot mentally problem dog and not-so-handsome bf living far away from me. 

-The end-

I'm MsCaroline and this is my story. 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Many in a Week

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Is (初七 - Chu Qi) seventh day of the seventh month in Chinese Lunar calendar, which mean it is China's Valentine's Day. So (七夕节 - Qi Xi Jie)HAPPY CHINESE VALENTINE peeps!! Why it's Chinese Valentine in the beginning of (鬼月 - Gui Yue)Hungry Ghost festive?! idk why! It just does.

Story of (七夕节 - Qi Xi Jie)
The 2,000-plus-year-old holiday marks the star-crossed love between a cow herder Niulang and Zhinu, a weaver of clouds and the daughter of the Jade Emperor who is the Daoist ruler of heaven.

The story goes that the the two fell in love and got married, but their bond was met with disapproval by Wangmu, Zhinu's mother and the queen of heaven. Niulang is viewed as the star Altair and Zhinu as the star Vega. With a swift move of her hairpin, She separated the two with a river in the sky, known today as the Milky Way.

But the queen took pity on them and gave them one night of the year to spend together. On Qi Xi Jie, the queen is said to send magpies to bridge the celestial gap between the two star lovers.

In event of the fest, Google changed the homepage into (七夕节 - Qi Xi Jie) game for us to enjoy. Easy game, where you can challenge your friends see who can build the bridge fastest. Really easy, just pick those flying birds and put accordingly into the same color circle to build the bridge. They have three stage and I used quite sometime to finished the third stage=___=".

Other then it is Qi Xi, it is International Left-Hander's day. I'm not a left handers but I got many friends whose are left handers. Really kinda troublesome if you side beside a left handers or play badminton with them! Because you guys will start fighting with each other hand, hahahahaha. Anyway, please be proud to be a Left Hander, my friends.

How our brain organized, some people say which hand we use mean which part of thing we are more major in. I don't see my Maths nor my language are good! Some people said left hander kids are genius or really clever in many way, but I didn't see my cousin turn out to be a genius. Anyway, just some thought people made, don't care. Left-Handers out there today is your days.

On Sunday, Malaysia Dato Lee Chong Wei once again lose to China Lin Dan. Anyway, we shall not blame him for losing we should be proud of him. Without him Malaysia will never seen to be in the top list of the badminton world. "He didn't lose, is a draw match" some people said online, I do agree with it. We shall be proud of our top Badminton athlete, he never gave up even both of his legs are suffering in cramping. Lin Dan and LCW are best friend outside the badminton court and are professional player inside the court.  

Another Malaysia proud are born in this week, it is e-sportsmen (internet sportsmen). The international DOTA tournament, Malaysia Orange team won the 2nd runner-up. I'm not a DOTA person, so idk what happen other than they got a 3rd places and won themselves some big amount of CASH money (USD 287,000 (RM918,000)! Yes please SCREEEM!!!! is RM900k!!!!

So now Malaysian are encouraged to play DOTA by our government??  I still doesn't allow my bf to go DOTA it waste his money and time. Sorry gamer out there, but is really wasting money and time. Anyway, Congrats Orange team. 

Know what, good thing always come with bad thing. I got a news last Sunday, one of my Secondary mate pass away in a Car accident. It is really a shocking news and quite sudden. I still couldn't accept she actually just passed away, leaving us. It been years I didn't saw her. She really naughty and the one who always called me bitch, but she will never treat me bad. RIP Rong, we will always remember you and our memories will buried deep inside our heart.

Am so sorry, we didn't manage to catch up with her funeral. After we knew the news she was buried. Forgive us Rong, memories will stay with us.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Perseid Meteor

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People are expecting tonight 11pm till tomorrow morning, there will be Perseid Meteor shower. How I wish you will be here and we could watch meteor shower together. If and only you were here by my side. When will the day come, where we can stay together again. Time and distance is what we facing right now.

Love <3

Another month

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[Was blogged on 9 August 2013, Friday. But posted 12 August 2013]

A photo to start the post, I assume you guys know what the post is about now. Hahaha! Yeah~ is the week of the every month where I am in JB again with le man. My bfy is JB kia and I'm KL kia we are now in a really distance relation. *do I really have to mention this every time I post something about him?* SIGN

Is Raya(Muslim new year) I have 2 days holidays!! So came JB earlier, normally I'm here on Friday night but this time I meet le man on Wednesday night. 

We went to Desaru yesterday with le man best buddies, which is majority Male!

But this is not all of his friend yet, some cant attend the gathering. We went for one night trip, and a tiring trip or I shall say sleepless trip.

Always understand big group of friend equal time wasting while trip, am not complaining my own group of friends are the same LOL! We kinda wasted half day meeting and gathering everyone from place to place. From 10am we wait meet and gather everyone till 2pm then only we can start our journey. SUPER time consuming right! They are super slacking.

Reach at 3pm, just right to check-in to our room. We stay at Damai Beach Resort, this is so not a place for family who are here to relax or those super hygiene person. The room are creepy and look or smell old! Once you step in you are welcomed by those old wood or those smelly bed odor. Their blanket are kinda dusty which make me and bfy nose stuck for the whole night. The door knot are stupid not functioning good enough. Some of the thing are spoil and look dirty, balcony is super dirty. 

Their swimming pool are dirty with insects corpse and leave or sand. I can't open my eyes under the water it look so blur not clear and it hurt my eyes. 

I think it is suitable for teenager for gathering or a brunch of friend which will make noise. Hahaha! Cause the room quite far you wont easily disturbed People next room. One night only cost you RM190 one room one night of double single bed, with two breakfast per room. 

Done with the room everyone got changed and went to the Desaru beach for a walk and time wasting again. Actually only the guys are playing cause too little girl, too many guys we can't get together easily, you know la guys are more rough when they play Together. Hahaha!

Till around 7-8pm we go for dinner, SEAFOOD dinner not bad but kinda dirty the environment and their utensil. We were suppose to eat at Jade seafood restaurant but too many people and no table for 15 people. So we went to the opposite Restaurant "Sin Kong Seafood restaurant". A highly recommend dishes at there is the wine clay-pot soup prawn, fresh prawn and delicious soup. Other than that, I think the spicy fried Big lala are nice I love spicy stuff so it is nice for me bfy said too Spicy for him. Their Salty egg crab not bad, really a thumb up for it. *sorry no photo, we are all to hungry to take photo* we waited for like 1-2hours for those foods to come!

Ohh~ almost forgot one dishes I dislike it and I don't really recommending I will just advise you guys DON'T ORDERED! The tiny squid is so not nice only crispy and you can't taste any meat is like chewing rubber band and swallow. Hahaha! Really not nice. -____-"

After long whole tired day, we are finally can rest and it is only we think we can rest. All this gather along confirm there are alcohol and I have to acc bfy to play with his friends we sleep around 12-1am thought it is end of the night but the noise from next room are non-stop and unstoppable. *fyi the room are connected with a door* they drank finish their alcohol and found out they haven play their firecracker so they came over to our room on the light and start throwing sunflower seeds, snack and some biscuit to one of the fella to wake him up to play firecracker with him. We are really unlucky to slept the same room and was awaked by them too. But we then sleep back and it is so hard for me to sleep back after the whole chaos which waked me. 

The next morning, which is today morning. Were kinda waked by the friend which came to our room from balcony. *fyi we got 3room one was connected with door another one balcony are connected and the divider was broken so they can just walk to our room easily*

As I said one room will have two complimentary breakfast Buffet. So the first six which wake early go without the other, two of the six is me and bfy. They serve coffee, tea, orange cordial, water ad milk. Cereal, Nasi lemak, fried noodle, sambal eggs and roti jalal. Food are so so, the milk is not fresh milk it is make out of condensate milk and the orange juice is super cordial taste and sweet!! The cereal are those random brands cereal look alike kokocruchs.

After breakfast 6 of us go for a early swim, actually they swim I'm just playing water cause I don't know how to swim and I scare drowning. Hahahah!

Clock reach 1o'clock is time to check-out, and they not willing to go home. They actually wasted around 1hours at snooker and carom! Some of us are at the sofa having a short nap while waiting.

Before head home we when for lunch and I think they serve us some dirty stuff because me and bfy stomach pain after that, minor diarrhea. Tiring!

And now we are at McDonald of course we when home first then only come out. We are here to wait 12am for our group movie, The Conjuring!!! Hope the internet didn't overrated and please not to creepy!! I worry I can't sleep at night. =____="

End with my ootd! My batman tank is LOVE! And high waist with make me look thin. Hahahah!

Good night to everyone and happy holidays people!!! Happy raya for Muslim reader and friends. <3