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Another month

[Was blogged on 9 August 2013, Friday. But posted 12 August 2013]

A photo to start the post, I assume you guys know what the post is about now. Hahaha! Yeah~ is the week of the every month where I am in JB again with le man. My bfy is JB kia and I'm KL kia we are now in a really distance relation. *do I really have to mention this every time I post something about him?* SIGN

Is Raya(Muslim new year) I have 2 days holidays!! So came JB earlier, normally I'm here on Friday night but this time I meet le man on Wednesday night. 

We went to Desaru yesterday with le man best buddies, which is majority Male!

But this is not all of his friend yet, some cant attend the gathering. We went for one night trip, and a tiring trip or I shall say sleepless trip.

Always understand big group of friend equal time wasting while trip, am not complaining my own group of friends are the same LOL! We kinda wasted half day meeting and gathering everyone from place to place. From 10am we wait meet and gather everyone till 2pm then only we can start our journey. SUPER time consuming right! They are super slacking.

Reach at 3pm, just right to check-in to our room. We stay at Damai Beach Resort, this is so not a place for family who are here to relax or those super hygiene person. The room are creepy and look or smell old! Once you step in you are welcomed by those old wood or those smelly bed odor. Their blanket are kinda dusty which make me and bfy nose stuck for the whole night. The door knot are stupid not functioning good enough. Some of the thing are spoil and look dirty, balcony is super dirty. 

Their swimming pool are dirty with insects corpse and leave or sand. I can't open my eyes under the water it look so blur not clear and it hurt my eyes. 

I think it is suitable for teenager for gathering or a brunch of friend which will make noise. Hahaha! Cause the room quite far you wont easily disturbed People next room. One night only cost you RM190 one room one night of double single bed, with two breakfast per room. 

Done with the room everyone got changed and went to the Desaru beach for a walk and time wasting again. Actually only the guys are playing cause too little girl, too many guys we can't get together easily, you know la guys are more rough when they play Together. Hahaha!

Till around 7-8pm we go for dinner, SEAFOOD dinner not bad but kinda dirty the environment and their utensil. We were suppose to eat at Jade seafood restaurant but too many people and no table for 15 people. So we went to the opposite Restaurant "Sin Kong Seafood restaurant". A highly recommend dishes at there is the wine clay-pot soup prawn, fresh prawn and delicious soup. Other than that, I think the spicy fried Big lala are nice I love spicy stuff so it is nice for me bfy said too Spicy for him. Their Salty egg crab not bad, really a thumb up for it. *sorry no photo, we are all to hungry to take photo* we waited for like 1-2hours for those foods to come!

Ohh~ almost forgot one dishes I dislike it and I don't really recommending I will just advise you guys DON'T ORDERED! The tiny squid is so not nice only crispy and you can't taste any meat is like chewing rubber band and swallow. Hahaha! Really not nice. -____-"

After long whole tired day, we are finally can rest and it is only we think we can rest. All this gather along confirm there are alcohol and I have to acc bfy to play with his friends we sleep around 12-1am thought it is end of the night but the noise from next room are non-stop and unstoppable. *fyi the room are connected with a door* they drank finish their alcohol and found out they haven play their firecracker so they came over to our room on the light and start throwing sunflower seeds, snack and some biscuit to one of the fella to wake him up to play firecracker with him. We are really unlucky to slept the same room and was awaked by them too. But we then sleep back and it is so hard for me to sleep back after the whole chaos which waked me. 

The next morning, which is today morning. Were kinda waked by the friend which came to our room from balcony. *fyi we got 3room one was connected with door another one balcony are connected and the divider was broken so they can just walk to our room easily*

As I said one room will have two complimentary breakfast Buffet. So the first six which wake early go without the other, two of the six is me and bfy. They serve coffee, tea, orange cordial, water ad milk. Cereal, Nasi lemak, fried noodle, sambal eggs and roti jalal. Food are so so, the milk is not fresh milk it is make out of condensate milk and the orange juice is super cordial taste and sweet!! The cereal are those random brands cereal look alike kokocruchs.

After breakfast 6 of us go for a early swim, actually they swim I'm just playing water cause I don't know how to swim and I scare drowning. Hahahah!

Clock reach 1o'clock is time to check-out, and they not willing to go home. They actually wasted around 1hours at snooker and carom! Some of us are at the sofa having a short nap while waiting.

Before head home we when for lunch and I think they serve us some dirty stuff because me and bfy stomach pain after that, minor diarrhea. Tiring!

And now we are at McDonald of course we when home first then only come out. We are here to wait 12am for our group movie, The Conjuring!!! Hope the internet didn't overrated and please not to creepy!! I worry I can't sleep at night. =____="

End with my ootd! My batman tank is LOVE! And high waist with make me look thin. Hahahah!

Good night to everyone and happy holidays people!!! Happy raya for Muslim reader and friends. <3 

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