Thursday, August 15, 2013


Coffee Tea or Me

Morning peeps~ How was your Thursday morning? Still having BLUE from Monday blue or still hanging-over by morning sick!? Have you grab yourself a cup of caffeine? No? Go grab yourself a cup then to kick starting your morning. =P Oh well, I don't drink coffee nor tea nor soft drink too. ahahahah!

Even I don't drink coffee, I might buy myself one just because of the graphic on the cream foam. Yeah~ I will buy just for the coffee art the barista will made for me. I like cute stuff so I willing to try if they have cute art on it. *easy money to be earn from woman*

Don't you think it is cute? Those art on coffee.

Human are really creative, from those normal foam art into colouring coffee art on foam! It look so attractive right, but more artificial la of course. Unless you believe cocoa powder come in many kind of colour la. Lmao

And colouring you coffee art is not all yet! They even play with the foam out of the mug or cup you call it. They making it 3D (since when people love 3D stuff huh!?) How can you drink that coffee with those cute 3D art on it! OMG~ The girrin(Giraffe in Korean) is supe cute!

If you still don't think it is special enough, go Taiwan! There're this Cafe call "Let's Caffe" invented or started with Photo coffee art. They offering to print your FACE onto your coffee so you can sip your own face into your tummy and poo it out! hahahaha

It is in celebrating the China Valentine, Qixi festival.

See you can even put in your kitty face on the coffee or latte and sip it into your stomach, no more worries of missing kitty cause it will be in your tummy. LOL! Okay LAME.

Those printing ingredients is not water-colour nor ink nor colouring, they're using Cocoa powder to create your photo on your latte. So you will not end up in emergency wad.

Here the adv for the latte printing, Interesting right!?

I am definitely grab one with my enemy face on it if the print coffee art come into Malaysia. So I can sip em into my stomach and POO them out of my ARSE! Or I should just print on my bosses face on it! hahahahah! Now I see it actually have the same power or function as the Chinese Traditional 打小人(Da xiao ren) in english we called it Villian hitting. Not a bad idea after all!

Ngek ngek ngek *evil smile*

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