Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Half Marathon

It been awhile I did not run for marathon, I used to be actively in marathon, morning jogging, hiking, paint-ball, badminton and some other sport. I just got slackly now. Am trying to adjust back sport into my life again, started back gym, swimming and trying to join more marathon hopefully this time won't slack half way again! I want my Abs back to live! hahahah

Anyway, I joined the NB Half Marathon (New Balance) on August 18. Shouldn't compare much but I will still complain a little bit, just a bit okay? LOL
Compare to the last marathon I ran and this is really not as good as the previous one, fyi my last marathon was Nike We Run KL 10k 2012 at October. 

I thought I might got a legs cramp half way but nope I didn't get any and I reached end point at the same timing which I got in Nike Run. I was a bit slack off for this Half marathon and I got the same timing mean I can go further and more faster. OKAY!! I must run till I can get a 55 minutes, must try my very best next time.

Okay, why NOT GOOD!?
firstly, they didn't gave we us goodies bag or big recycle bag with sport drink nor bread, Not even NB voucher. *so sad* My sis complain their tee are quite thin and adsorb sweat but I think still okay at least it is in RED! yeah I love red. They didn't gave 10k runner finisher tee! DAFUQ! Although not very fancy finisher tee but I want it lo wei~ just give us one la since NB didn't gave us goodies. Their 5k, 10k or 21k finisher medal are the same medal.

Know what they have firecracker for something like open ceremony, we are discussing and kinda complain about NB using our registration fee to buy those firecracker thats's why we didn't get any goodies bag LOL! NB didn't gave us goodies bag but they prepared us power-bar before start running but we didn't see where to get it and After run, there're mineral to take it ourselves no one really giving it to us they just open and put it there and NO BANANA! Nike gave banana at the ending point. They also bring Vico, 100plus and Fitnesse cereal truck in, other than that they have watermelon but not cold one and curry puff but sis bfy said it taste weird.

End of complaining. (picture from that day)

I matched with my Neon yellow sport short.

After rest awhile take good sit on the green grass, how often will you go step over or sit on a field? So much take this chance to sit on it, which make me feel like Im really healthy! hahah That Jamie next to me which is really exited about what we gonna have later for late breakfast.

And of course a picture with my sis sis, Im just too good too kind cause I choose to post the one she look nicer and Im not.

My number tag; H8028 go get lottery now! If won please 50 50. hahahaaa

This is no exception! Me and the medal, sis sis said "This pose again! Always the same pose" I replied her "IDONTCARE I look cute" hahahahh! Good photo credit to sis sis.

The bunch tagged along in Marathon.
Group shot #1

Group shot #2
The anonymous who helped us capture said "Can't see the NB d, bend bend fast bend down!" So we are are like gravity when heavier! hahaha He is one hilarious fella.

All the Medals!

Result ; I know I shouldn't proud of myself running 10k using 1hours and 20minutes. I will do better next time.

Got home bath and rest, night go gym and night swim!! Yeah~ Im not robot but am just so full of energy for sport.

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