Sunday, August 4, 2013


Krabi Trip

Just randomly wanna post about my Thailand trip, Krabi trip which is fully sponsored by my DAD! hahahaha It was my Birthday trip but end up we missed our flight so we have to buy another flight to go on 12 May! All because all those Slowpoke custom officer! We didnt get any refund or cheap flight after that. LOUSY AIR ASIA! If I were in the plane on 11May I will have birthday gift from Air Asia but end up what also don't have and wasted 1 day!!!!

Anyway, We still manage to go Krabi and enjoy 4 short days there. We when to Emerald Pool, which it is a big open aired swimming area inside jungle. Quite nice but if you don't swim you won't like it, like me I go there just to go into the water awhile==" hahahah!

Then you walk further up you will found this Blue Pool, this is not a swimming pool SO don't jump in cause you will death in that pool. There stated it is not for swim because it have quick sad underneath. The special about the pool is it is blue color and when you claps your hand it will have more bubble pop.

We bought some snack with us so we will not death of hunger! Some Thai-chinese Bao, pork with egg, but normally it taste salty in Malaysia but in Thai their bao are sweet=__=" It kinda weird for me I prefer salty one.
This is Steam egg or grill egg, it is one of my favorite snack in Thailand. Can easily found it at market area or beach side. It is like steam egg but much more solid and they put it back into the egg shell and grill a little.

After Emerald Pool we went to Hot Spring waterfall, which is a smaller pool it is not for you to swim is for you to relax enjoying the natural hot water spring. You can't take bath there with shampoo or shower gel, don't spoil the natural! =P It is really cheap, only cost around RM15-RM20 per person. Sorry I forgot the price it been too long. I were there on 12 May 2013 so forgive me ya if the info I gave are wrong.

After all the swim and hot spring we went to temple. I don't remember what temple it is but it seem famous temple because many tourist there. We are rushing here and there due to we don't have much time staying there. So we walk around and look around didn't pray then go to the next temple. If no mistake it is something call Tiger cave or Tiger Temple because some old story about tiger were there or what LOL!

Then next temple were some similar god we buddha know, Guan Yin Ma. Thai people pray Guan Yin Ma also. =) This temple have a really really long stair it took around 30minutes to 1hour to reach the top. Due to we have no enough time for it we didn't walk up. What a Waste!! *sob*

Our first night in krabi, Am prepare for Jalan jalan cari makan (Food Hunts). We went to one of the night market for dinner. Me in a comfy singlet and comfy scarlet silk pattern short.
Our all time favorite in thailand, Coconut ice cream. My mom favorite too, anything with coconut in it mommy like it. hahahah! Everyone like coconut ice cream, really nice! Must try the original coconut ice cream, because some selling fake coconut ice cream. Anyway, this is our starter before food hunt, dessert first! LOL

We then found this! Chef Roti, Thai Pancake/roti we call. I search online everyone will eat this when they come Krabi. So I must not lose and try it out too. hahahah! They recommended Banana and Chocolate, so I got the recommended roti/pancake.
This is how the Pancake look like, taste not bad. It actually is Roti pisang with Chocolate syrup. You have to eat all up before it become cold. You can choose to put other fruit like mango and other syrup too. I still think banana taste better and just right to be with chocolate. hahah They are perfect match. 

We also bought many many many many food and super full! Thailand famous food, fried Pat Thai. I really like the noodle it is really chewy and sweet salty with a bit of spicy really nice. The noodle like our Lou Shu fun but more chewy.

Daddy favorite, deep fried fish roe. This box only cost us RM4, which daddy say cheap not sure it is really cheap, since daddy say cheap so it is cheap i think. Really nice big and crispy!

 Daddy favorite also, dad is  seafood lover. So what came from the sea is daddy favorite. Grill squips, with the sweet spicy sauce. Taste good but hard to chewy, it like chewing it forever=="

Fresh oyster, but not really fresh it taste like they actually frozen it. But the sauce really nice! This is not daddy favorite because daddy don't eat raw food.

Dessert before and after meal is a MUST! Thailand are really famous with mango and my parent love mango so we got some. Really sweet even those green mango which doesn't look like it is "mature" are sweet.

Orange juice, probably every part of Thailand they sell this kind of orange juice. You can see the color of the drink are like artificial colored drink, but nope it is not artificial drink it is fresh orange juice without any colored syrup. This is not normal orange we eat in Malaysia, they use those green skin mandarin orange for juice. You might feel a bit weird on the first sip after few sip it actually quite nice. 

Some other stuff you can found in the night market, Cocktail drink or alcoholic drink in bamboo cup. Really cheap which you can get one for around RM10 only, In Malaysia one glass already cost us RM25-RM45.

Hand-drawn by her, bag, pouch and coins bag. Quite talented and I got myself one pouch and bro got one for his gf. I take her photo and she is kind enough to posed for me. She also asked me and bro pose for her, her turn to take our photo. hahaha!

Thailand style sushi, their sushi alike snack are really fingers bite and colorful. It doesn't attract me to buy but attracted my brother instead.

Fried ice cream, I actually missed it. I told my bro I must have this but I was too full so passed it and ask my bro to remind me to get one before we going home. End up both of us forget about this!! *sob*

Old man balloon folding, this old man only have one arm and he didn't beg for money. He earn for his living. *thumb up*

Wood craft keychain, cost RM7-RM10 for one. Nothing special but you can but your name on it. You can get it as a souvenir for your friends.

Hand spray tee, I just like those special stuff which you can't find a second of it.

Manual print on Tee, you choose your own words and graphic and she print it on for you. Not those sticker quality it is fabric print on.

Street artist, everywhere you go you find one street artist. hand-drawing or craving artist.

Kids playing traditional instrument.

People selling gold and silver chain/necklace at night market too. I don't think it is real gold because people will just rob them! hahaha

End of our food hunts, head back to hotel with two cans of Chang beer. I don't like alcohol and beer is really the most dislike. Chang beer really really BITTER! *yuack* Mommy mixed it with Sprite because too bitter. hahaha

This is our first day, we started our trip once we get off the plane and put all our stuff at hotel. We have no more extra time to be waste. So it kinda tiring trip for me, we didn't really rested enough but we did enjoyed.


Sbipk said...

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MsCarolineLzt said...

welcome and thanks for reading it. I hope i could go Phuket one day, since everyone recommended.

If i got the chance to go I will go and have a look. =)