Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Many in a Week

Is (初七 - Chu Qi) seventh day of the seventh month in Chinese Lunar calendar, which mean it is China's Valentine's Day. So (七夕节 - Qi Xi Jie)HAPPY CHINESE VALENTINE peeps!! Why it's Chinese Valentine in the beginning of (鬼月 - Gui Yue)Hungry Ghost festive?! idk why! It just does.

Story of (七夕节 - Qi Xi Jie)
The 2,000-plus-year-old holiday marks the star-crossed love between a cow herder Niulang and Zhinu, a weaver of clouds and the daughter of the Jade Emperor who is the Daoist ruler of heaven.

The story goes that the the two fell in love and got married, but their bond was met with disapproval by Wangmu, Zhinu's mother and the queen of heaven. Niulang is viewed as the star Altair and Zhinu as the star Vega. With a swift move of her hairpin, She separated the two with a river in the sky, known today as the Milky Way.

But the queen took pity on them and gave them one night of the year to spend together. On Qi Xi Jie, the queen is said to send magpies to bridge the celestial gap between the two star lovers.

In event of the fest, Google changed the homepage into (七夕节 - Qi Xi Jie) game for us to enjoy. Easy game, where you can challenge your friends see who can build the bridge fastest. Really easy, just pick those flying birds and put accordingly into the same color circle to build the bridge. They have three stage and I used quite sometime to finished the third stage=___=".

Other then it is Qi Xi, it is International Left-Hander's day. I'm not a left handers but I got many friends whose are left handers. Really kinda troublesome if you side beside a left handers or play badminton with them! Because you guys will start fighting with each other hand, hahahahaha. Anyway, please be proud to be a Left Hander, my friends.

How our brain organized, some people say which hand we use mean which part of thing we are more major in. I don't see my Maths nor my language are good! Some people said left hander kids are genius or really clever in many way, but I didn't see my cousin turn out to be a genius. Anyway, just some thought people made, don't care. Left-Handers out there today is your days.

On Sunday, Malaysia Dato Lee Chong Wei once again lose to China Lin Dan. Anyway, we shall not blame him for losing we should be proud of him. Without him Malaysia will never seen to be in the top list of the badminton world. "He didn't lose, is a draw match" some people said online, I do agree with it. We shall be proud of our top Badminton athlete, he never gave up even both of his legs are suffering in cramping. Lin Dan and LCW are best friend outside the badminton court and are professional player inside the court.  

Another Malaysia proud are born in this week, it is e-sportsmen (internet sportsmen). The international DOTA tournament, Malaysia Orange team won the 2nd runner-up. I'm not a DOTA person, so idk what happen other than they got a 3rd places and won themselves some big amount of CASH money (USD 287,000 (RM918,000)! Yes please SCREEEM!!!! is RM900k!!!!

So now Malaysian are encouraged to play DOTA by our government??  I still doesn't allow my bf to go DOTA it waste his money and time. Sorry gamer out there, but is really wasting money and time. Anyway, Congrats Orange team. 

Know what, good thing always come with bad thing. I got a news last Sunday, one of my Secondary mate pass away in a Car accident. It is really a shocking news and quite sudden. I still couldn't accept she actually just passed away, leaving us. It been years I didn't saw her. She really naughty and the one who always called me bitch, but she will never treat me bad. RIP Rong, we will always remember you and our memories will buried deep inside our heart.

Am so sorry, we didn't manage to catch up with her funeral. After we knew the news she was buried. Forgive us Rong, memories will stay with us.

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