Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Recently she got really famous and viral on internet, but it is not a good thing for her and us! She had just crushed my childhood Hannah Montana! which I quite liking her song by that time "The Climb".

This video I had watched few time and still feel she is so disgusting and not pretty at all! Her act is such a shame.

Miley Cyrus you are so disgusting!! Especially at VMA! with the tongue-ing move and butt smelling smacking to the foam fingering action plus the butt shaking! OMFG

I love your "We Can't Stop" but the MV is SUCK! You new look is so not for you please. It is so GAGA-ish in a more disgusting way and Lady Gaga look better with her way.

And well don't shake your butt again because You don't have a nice butt nor a good shaking butt. I saw Smosh make some not bad gif pic for her 10 Best WTF.

I will still like her We Can't Stop but not her.


Maho said...

It's a shame how she changed!! :( When I was much younger, I really used to love her series Hannah Montana. I even accepted her hair cut, I mean if she wants to change her outward style, then she can do it but her performing and all the other slutty things she is doing right now are quite disgusting! However, I like her newest song although the MV doesn't catch me tbh.


MsCarolineLzt said...

same thought =)