Monday, August 19, 2013


My Studies Fate!

Here is my studies fate! Whether I can graduate or can go UK or not depend on tomorrow! It is my very final for myself! I decide if I still fail them I'm will request my parent let me give up of my studies. I said it I meant it. I'm fed up with my studies which dragged me for one years.

So this must be ended here, I'm no longer young and no longer have time to wasted again. Wish me luck please!

But before my exam I must rest myself and relax for awhile before continue with my revision till tomorrow sun rise. I only took one day leave for my exam, I didn't take any day off from work for revision I didn't some note at my working place! *grumpy*

And now I'm home relaxing, doing/trying my new bought mask from √Čtude House. Taadaaa~~~

Is look like wet tissue but nope it isn't, it is mask I got from Etude House. It is 20 pieces in a box!! Guess how much I got it for?

Is around RM30 per box! It only cost RM1.50 per mask. It supposedly to be RM60 but it was their on sale item so buy 1 free 1. Imma happy girl & my darling Sarah, we got each one box!

This is for Moisturizing + Firming care & Brightening + Glowing care, it contain Royal Jelly and Collagen. 

The size is average consider got my fat chubby face, I bought many mask which actually too big for my face or too small and my fat nose could cover up.

The mask wasn't too thin, cause I got thinner mask than this and I actually tears off a bit when I trying to open up the mask. *sigh* I am just too strong. Hahahaha!

I normally wash away those moisturize/liquids after mask, idk how other do it after masking their face. I know Sarah left it on face. I can't left it on my face, after I peel off I will massage a bit and left those moisture my face for like 20-30sec then I will just wash it off. I can't stand how stick my face is with those moisturize on, especially when I go to bed.

This mask the moisturize are slightly oily but not really sticky like those I usually use. Normally mask you take out from the packaging the moisturize/liquids will start dripping right, even you put it onto your face it will still dripping. This mask it will not drip, I think the amount of the moisturize are not much. If you want it to be watery drip, you can just press softly toward below the box before you took it out. This is what I think la it might work and make those liquid go back into the mask lol!

I like this mask the most is the fragrance on it! It smell like real honey are wiped on your face!! It smell so so so so so GOOD!!

Result of the mask;
My face feel more smooth and soft but not bright and glow much! Hahaha probably I need to use it more often.

Here it is, time to face those judgement of my life as student. *gloomier and bluest of my life* 

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