Monday, August 26, 2013


Once a Wise Man Said

Once a Wise man said;

If you can't live peacefully together now, how about future?

The wise man is my Dad.

He once saw me arguing with bfy on phone and he told me. You guys can't even stay peacefully together even both of you are far away and not even married, how will it be after married and start staying together in the future?

It really mean many, I although look like I ignored him while he told me so but I really do remember everything he told me. I really do daddy, but it is really hard for two people who can't even see each other to not arguing. Especially when he don't believe me and keep on suspecting non-sense. Sometime it is really suffering, suffer which make me breathless and feel like dying right away. No one to talk to, no one I can really talk to and they never will understand how I feel or understand what kind of situation I'm in.

Yes I do feel suffer.

-Logging Off-

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