Friday, August 30, 2013


Start Fight

Start fighting! The Unbeatable, which I'm kinda outdated because I just watched yesterday with my buddy. We are still pushing blame to each other to reach cinema late causing us have to sit at the front 2nd row! Neck pain! Backbone suffer but the movie still exciting and the body is still sexy!!! *drool*

This is kinda a famous Movie thou, because Cheung Ka Fai he is kinda old now like 40's? and he train his body into sexily muscular!! The body which every men want and every women will die for it. He use 6 months time to burst out all those muscles, as my bfy told me so la. hahahah!

Anyway, it is indeed a great movie! Great motivation for men to start up their body building plan and women to more desire toward macho man! So men out there don't bring your gf to watch this movie or else she might just complain about your body. ahahah!

Yeah~ I did complain my bfy a little why isn't him half of Peng Yu Yan!! tsk tsk~ This movie really give me more motivation to go to gym and really give me an urge to continue with MuayThai!! but the fee is too expensive!!! arghhh~~ why don't I have a friend who open muaythai or boxing class so I can get cheaper or free classes! hahahah
Peng Yu Yan is still the flame, he is so taller and so sunshine and his body! OMG~ *melting* He is my type! I don't like overly fair men I prefer slightly tanned guy and yes my bfy is fair type! isk~ Peng Yu Yan is really tall, 180cm+! Tall guys really attract me even he is not really handsome but I still think tall guys is really charming.

Cheaung Ka Fai also flame la just not as flame as PYY. hahahah! His extreme body change really a shock to everyone, from a skinny comedian to a hot muscular man. I saw facebook people posting about him train till argue with his wife and have to separate room. hmmm~ no comment he is still handsome and his body is still perfect!

And never forget the young girl in that movie, is a Malaysian, Crystal Lee 10 years old and a star. Idk what you think, but I don't really like her because she kinda young but already doing adult job and acting so adult. My own opinion it wasn't a good childhood for her. Anyway her acting is not bad for her age. =) May future  more brighter for her and don't turn out to be Miley Cyrus Malaysia version. hahahahah!
If you haven watch "The Unbeatable" you just have to go and watch it right now. Until now the hall is still full, this show how great this movie is. Highly recommending people to watch even Indian and Malay can go and watch. You won't regret watching and it worth your dollars, I went to watch at Setiawalk yesterday for only RM9. Oh~ This whole week you will experience sing "Negaraku" in the cinema hall! NO WAY you can experience it other than my country I think. =_=" Is like forcing own citizen to be more patriotism. 

Ending this post with HANDSOME Peng Yu Yan!!

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