Friday, August 23, 2013



Suffocated not because strangled by people, because I'm sick! The nose are really not cooperated with me and my body started to collaborate with my nose and my PMS actually go with them as well, together they became a great team of painful and suffer to me. Wtf!

My nose is peeling off, my lips is cracking red and both are super ugly and discomfort. My throat got better a little bit, my body is really painful from the shoulder to the backbone. One good thing is no phlegm.

Been having minor headache few days, and official sick on the day before my final exam which is Monday night. I went into exam hall with new pack of tissue and come out with a bunch of fresh "wanton" or dumpling some people called in English.

Then this morning wake up with minor headache and struggling whether should or shouldn't go work but end up my sis who keep on saying is 8:30! We gonna be late so I went to work! Super regretted and took a half day Leave to go home have my good rest To make sure I'm fully recover from my sick and headache.

*Because my company gonna have a makan makan section tomorrow lunch for belated Raya fest! Which I don't hope to missed it out since every department colleague will be there it sound fun to me.*

Daddy just made me some weird tasting tea which he keep said is his very own secret recipe to cure flu, cough, throat and heaty. It taste like steam fish!!! I drank that whenever I got sick, working or not tomorrow Morning you will know.

At the same time my bf at JB is sick too. He is having high fever and his dad bought him to the hospital but hospital no more empty bed for him so he can't admit in, he have to go home rest without pretty nurse service.

And he didn't find me for 2days, he say he gonna die and have no energy to find me. Wtf excuses!! Never mind, I'm used to his baboon attitude I will not forgive him just because he is sick! I'm sick and I can still at least try to called him. He is not appreciating me so I don't care. 

Good night, TGIF!

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