Saturday, August 17, 2013



This is us two years back, where we are still young and naive without a future planning. All we know is rebellious, against our parents will and still got together even they don't allow. By that time, the only thing we want and we do is get together everywhere we go. Sticking together, even he go work I accompany him sometime, he will accompany me to class sometime.

All we know is he my Prince Charming and I'm his little Princess. By then we never worries of money he work and I work, we seldom spend much other than go dinner or movie dating. We didn't have serious planning or think of future. 

And this is us now, we are now both no longer naive. People said a person will learn from mistake and never do it again. We both got our lesson and learn from mistake, we are now back together. We didn't stick together everyday now, we are far apart. Our financial are not as freely as last time, we both need to work hard to save our future. We only meet once a month and do appreciate it even only 2days time. All we want now is earn our future and we can get together again. Holding hand together till we going into the grave. 

Good thing is we are not rebellious and our parents both side accepted us.

If you ask me which period I love it and I hope to stay forever, it will be now. 

Although we can't stick together everyday every moment, but I really do like it. Because he will more appreciate me more and more. The more you can't have it, the more you want it. It make him think me more, even he sleep he will wake in the middle of night checking his phone for my messages.

We are not naive only know go out dating hangout, but we know how cruel this world is without money. We both trying hard to save even we don't have money to go for extra entertainment just to get a better future. This is what We really want, a future with the one we really darling of. It is not matter of money but the person who we will hold hand and walk till the end. 

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