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13th Friday

Hey, is Friday and it is 13th!!!!! OMG ermmm~ but why it is matter for 13th drop on Friday?! Anyone know what the story behind?! All I really know is that it is unlucky day and western country superstitious take it as a bad day. So far I don't know where the bad yet because it is TGIF!!! Yeahhhh~~~ and Monday is out Country's day, Hari Malaysia or Malaysia day. That's mean I have 3 days off continuous, Im a happy girls. I can really need a good sleep which I wake naturally in the morning without backache or muscle pain.

Anyway, am posting just to have a post for today date. Meh~ Who care?! ME! I care. hahahahaha

Okay, serious stuff now. It been sometime I didnt promote my fashion boutique on my blog, since it is some kind of "special" date so I shall promote a bit. fyi Im not the only owner for the online shop, I was sharing it with 2 more babe. Anyway this is not the point here, the point here is our stock are from Korea. YES air fly all the way from Korea, unless we stated the product are from other factory or supplier. We are consider still new in online fashion shop so we really do need/want more publicity for our online store if any of you like our clothes or stuff do help us promoting them. =) We are still new we cant afford to pay for promoting or advertising yet, but Im trying hard to do it myself. Hmmmm~ somehow Im not a famous blogger or not even famous so kinda hard for people to notice it.

Anyway most people might curious and have many Q&A in mind here it is;
(Photo is just a 13th Friday theme matching I made myself, dont mind me)

1. Name of online store
- Hang,Over

2. Link or store platform.
- We are now base on Facebook and will work on to get a better site to make our customer shop easily.

3. Do Hang.Over have real shop?
- No, we are base online only for now. But we will join Bazaar actively as much as we can, due to 3 of us have full time job. We will announce on our FB page whenever we have bazaar.

4. What are Hang.Over mainly having in store.
- We are more on female fashion and Korean fashion. For guys no worries if you guys request us to bring in male fashion we will. We only have minor male shirt on store, if you're finding for clothes or accessories you can always send us a picture or let us know what kind of clothes you want and we will try our best to get it for you.

5. Hang.Over selling;
- Tops
- Dresses
- Skirts
- Bottoms
- Bags
- Caps
- Shoes
- Cute socks
- Accessories

6. Pricing range?
- Most of our tops and accesories are price of from RM10 - RM39 above, dresses and caps are slightly higher.

7. Quality?
- Some top will be slightly thin material, that's why we recommend our customer which mind don't take white due it will slightly transparent. As for caps, bags, shoes, dresses and accessories are good quality. 
- We bought most of the stuff before we start selling it on Hang.Over, we can't guarantee superb material but it is good. We bought many to test quality from every supplier we have now. 

8. Everything in Hang.Over is Pre-order?
- No, we do have ready stock and the ready stock are also from Korea.

9. How long will I get my parcel?
- For pre-order it will take 7 - 20days to reach you after Batch closed.
-Ready stock will be faster, it take 3 - 5days to reach you after payment made. (excluded Weekends & Public Holidays)

10. Do Hang.Over order closed everyday?
- No, for pre-order we close order on every 15th & 30th of the month. Mean if you order on 16th you have to wait till 30th we close batch and another 7 - 20days for the parcel to reach your house. (excluded Weekends & Public Holidays)

11. When is Hang.Over next Bazaar?
- We going to have bazaar on coming week, 2 days from 10am- 5pm in Monash university on Tuesday 17Sep and Wednesday 18Sep.

12. Can I COD (Cash On Deliver)
- COD are not entitle for pre-order, we will order once you pay but you can collect parcel by hand only for certain area.
- As for ready stock you may COD, only for certain area.

13. Hang.Over contact
- Email:

14. How do I order?
- Just drop us a PM either email or FB will do and always read the T&C. =)

15. Any promotion?
- We will have promotion occasionally. As for postage, buy any 3 item will entitle free postage. 

hmmm~ I think this is all Q&A, if you have any more question to ask or whatever you don't understand do PM us on FB or comment here so I can answer you. Do visit us for new update. Sometime we will update late due to busy on out full time job.

Okay ending my post here, Happy shopping with us and remember sharing is caring especially good thing. Do help to share it out with your friend =)

Some photo from our lovely buyer and real stock picture.

Blue knit Beanie (currently not selling)

NY Baseball Tee (she is one of our model and also our customer)

More READY STOCK & NEW READY STOCK (click in to view)

Leather bag (owner own, mine)

Most of the tops are unisex, it depend on the size.
(Owner own, mine and Im wearing it right now haha!)

Cute sock (fyi not kids sock but if your kids like it you can still purchase it =P)

Both of this dresses are Hang.Over best seller.

For more do go into our FB page.
Thanks again and happy shopping with Hang.Over.

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