Monday, September 30, 2013


Fast blogging

Hiii peeps~ Im back from my almost one week vacation in Indonesia. Back to work with flu now suffering nose stuck and painful nose. Anyway too much to post but too little time for me due to full with schedule and stuff to do.

One of my colleague started her maternity leave for 2months so this 8-9weeks I have to take over all her project mean no more free time on work-time to blog nor updating post.

After work normally I dont on my laptop because it is my rest time and my workout classes (MMA and Gym and Swimming lesson), Yup recent was kinda addicted on MMA and swimming so I took a big step ahead to face my phobia of getting into a swimming pool to learn up swimming by my own, guided by my friends and going on a trial MMA classes since long time ago I was already interested in MMA and finally I got the chances to go for two unlimited month training.

And many more of my family trip experience on pause to be blog, also Lewre gave me a pair of sweet comfy heels which I need to blog about it too but have no time for me to arrange and sit down to have a good time to blog about it. Arghhhh~~~~ I always hoping to have 48hours per day, when will the day come with 48hours!?

Tomorrow coming up Ninetology appointed to do review, dying hope I can caught up a bit with all the post I wanna blog to be done asap. Too much to say but no time for it.

-Back to work-

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