Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hijab Issue

My colleague show me a video about people discussing Hijab and Burqa, in case you dont know what is Hijab and Burqa here a photo of it;

This is a Burqa;

And this is Hijab;

No need me more to said I think everyone know Hijab or Burqa are cloths Muslim lady wear it to wrap around their head to neck to cover up their skin not to expose to other guys other than their husband. Modern day now new generation are getting more and more into Korean pop or Japan pop, their followed trend and fashion oversea and started to not to wear the Hijab anymore. They wanna show off their long hair or nice hair color, hijab will covered up all. This is Muslim religion to wear a hijab are to protect themselves.

So this guys here name Karim if Im not mistake did this video research or interview around America, New York to know what other think and what do Hijab and Burqa was for them. Watch it;

So how was it?! What were you opinion toward hijab and burqa?! Do they really look scary to you? If it really happen your country government wanna ban wearing hijab/burqa in public what your view?! Do you agree with the law to banned it!?

As for me, I think lady with hijab is really pretty. Nowadays many people style their hijab too with the way of folding it or add small accessories on it. There are good and bad for hijab; Bad is you will get really hot on your head and the good is if you have a bad hair day it helped your to covered up your mess.

See!! Hijab can be very stylish and pretty, it can even matched up with your trend clothes. Muslim friends should be proud of the fashion they have and we dont have it. You guys go for more style on your hijab, they really look pretty and somehow it make Muslim friends more sweet looking.

If you dont know how to style your hijab or got bored with your current style go google and search tutorial many people are giving tutorial online how to get a new hajib style. As like this, click on image to enlarge;

This make you understand a bit bit of Muslim ladies headgear.

I found this online, I found it quite amusing. Just see and have a big laugh then forget about it okay, no offend.



Nice, a good way to express opinion. A good post.

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