Saturday, September 28, 2013


Millionaire for 4days

Am now being millionaire for 2nd days, yes I'm a millionaire now in Indonesia, Lake Toba! Hahahaha~ their money really make people confuse like shit! I don't understand why do they wanna put 1000 which almost the same use as our RM1. But so far we can get it d after few time u bargaining with those seller which wanna scam you to buy a scarf using 150rupiah which really only worth RM10-15.

Anyway, I came here yesterday 24 Sep 2013, Tuesday in the MORNING! Have to wake at 4am+ to head to airport for a 7.40am flight in super tiring trip again.

Here their time are slower than Malaysia 1hour so we reach around 8am and sit 4-5hours journey by private van dad booked earlier and ferry to come over here, Lake Toba.

Our trip are fully paid earlier to the tour, so we don't have to use more moment unless we wanna buy souvenir or additional stuff. Accommodation and meals are settle.
Lucky that our tour guide is quite a good guy and he bought a big private mini bus/van to fetch us everywhere. Btw friendly tips for everyone whoever wanna come here, bring some anti-seasick pill or Panadol or medication oil with you, because the road here is super duper zuper terrible condition with big holes everywhere or big stone in the middle of road. So be ready to ride in a bumper car, super bumpy till you will feel nausea later when u get down of the car. People here drive quite recklessly and dangerous they don't car if there're car coming from the opposite way, they just came and wait u to avoid their car.

My first meal after reaching Indonesia, Medan. Fried Kuey Teow, from Chinese-Indon stall, their noodle are all different from why we have in Malaysia even the name are the same. Example; vermicelli here are like glass noodle. Kuey teow look and taste more like Thailand Phat tai. Yellow noodle taste like egg noodle or pan mee we Chinese call. Anyway quite nice.

Then, before we go onto ferry we will pass by the Paten, which sell TingTing TongTong. 
When the tour guide, Habib told us we thought it was those old traditional honey sweet, but nope it is those nuts snack we can get it in Malaysia too. They called those snacks with the name of TingTing TongTong tangtang tengteng. Hahahaha! No photo cause was too tired to take a photo of it.

After buying everything we continue our journey to Lake Toba, it took us 4hours to reach the jetty to take ferry so before head on ferry we had our lunch at Restaurant Garuda, Siantar they serve masakan Minang/Melayu(Malay cuisine)
This is what we ate for lunch, really bad and not nice foods they served us. We didn't care much but just munched all food into our stomach. We couldn't choose because it is all chosen by our tour guide which it is included in the travel package we purchased.
It might look good but sorry it is not! Their chicken might be more healthier all like those kampung chicken very small, but over deep fried the meat become quite hard.

Habib told us that at here they still eat B1  and it is famous food in here B1 and B2. B2 mean babi pangang, BBQ pork and B1 is anjing pangang, BBQ DOG!! Yes I'm not joking or written wrongly is BBQ DOG!!! People here eat dog and cat meat=_= in Medan we barely saw a cat or dog. He even told us to be careful not too make enemy with people here cause there're still carnivore human living here. Habib said not long ago this Russia or American tourist were in a fight with those drunk carnivore ended up the tourist were BBQ-Ed eaten by the carnivore. WTF!! Scary right who know what will happen later on, or what will happen if you accidentally stepped on some carnivore toes. 

Anyway after those journey an story telling I actually fall asleep in the van till we reach the ferry =_=!! It took us 1hour to cross and reached our 2 nights guesthouse Samosir Villas in Tuk Tuk Samosir Island, Lake Toba.

Habib said, this is one of the best resort in this area. So far okay good environment and room are not that bad, my parent so picky didn't complaint much so consider good resort to stay in. Their room are open I there are no resident with the key hanging at the door knot. Their key hanged with a cute number wood plate.

Here only the swimming pool and the windy whole day impressed me other nay! Their room don't have fans or air conditional unless your room is the new room. They have two swimming pools!! YEAH~~~ 

We didn't do much thing, we reach our resort at around 5pm+++. Habib say dinner at 7pm or 7.30pm so we rest and take bath and ready for dinner at resort and full of disappointment!!
Started corn soup but not those Campbell soup normal corn soup with slightly sweet. Tasteless fried chicken, their famous fish idk what the name and zap chai(mix veggies). So so only only the fish consider nice and my parent, grandma and aunt said dont have those "sand" smell. Their glass all have those weird egg smell!! Which is really terrible hard for us to drink water. I think it is their water which is make the glass smell so eggie!!!!!

After dinner we have nothing else to do, Habib bring us go for a short ride around the nearby area and tell us more of their story here. Then go back resort resting area listen of my elderly chit chat and I stream Internet using the resort wifi. Their wifi only available at Lobby =_=!! Our room are a bit far the wifi coverage can't reach there. So we have to bare to suffer to "donate" our blood to mosquitoes here. I'm not kidding!! Damn many mosquitoes here, everywhere are full of mosquitoes.

It is really windy here and comfortable for people to relax. It more suitable for the retired people to relax or people who love village living. Young people like me and my siblings it bored us and for my parent who love to eat nice foods also not suitable because their cuisines are all slightly sweet and not really nice or not suit our taste buds.

More friendly advice, bring long sleeve and pant it might be windy to cold at the night. Also bring an extra normal SIM card phone, because we can't find any micro SIM card here. Bring anti-mosquitoes thingy, really many many many mosquitoes. Always remember to bargain before purchasing souvenir they will scam as they can cause rarely people or tourist came here so they will sell it like triple the price.

Sleepy, night!! Good night.
End of my first day in Lake Toba, Indonesia. 

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