Friday, September 6, 2013


Question Of The Day;

Question of the day (QOTD) ;

As many people know or people called me as Party Queen, because I do party a lot while Im single but it doesn't change me much even after Im not available. I still Loving to party and play as last time but my bf which not a Party freak nor liking partying person started to control me from going party or having alcohol. For me going party doesn't mean Im not respecting our relation or am gonna find another guy it is a way I relax myself, it is exactly the same as him going to MMA to realise stress.

"fyi, I dont like alcohol also I don't drink much even in the club. And I go club doesn't mean I don't Love him. I love him that's why I accepted him. I dont care what people think cause they don't know me."

After all he make me feel like Im not deserved to have a bf or not ready for a permanent relation yet. Serious, I LOVE to play and Party but how many guys can really accept the fact that her gf is a Party Queen?! If you're a guy will you allow your gf to go partying around with other guys or friend?!

Anyone having situation as me or guy who have a wild party gf?!

He knew but couldn't accept.
Ending the post with my favorite photo of us❤❤❤❤❤ 



Henry Tan said...

hahaha hmm. good question.. im same with u.. i dont play with other girl.. i just like the feeling of a bit tipsy and enjoy the blasting music.. well really not many can accept.. that's why become ex now. TT

MsCarolineLzt said...

hahaha~ they dont understand how we enjoy the flow in the club but not the people in the club.

But mine are still together =)