Tuesday, September 3, 2013



Yeah~ This is Malaysia. Thing raise right after our Merdeka, good news bad news? Yesterday rumour been spreading since morning that petrol are gonna raise 20 cents per litre by midnight. My colleagues was talking about it and in the afternoon it turn out to be a real news.

Which mean RON95 will become RM2.10 (before RM1.90) and Diesel will be RM2 (Before RM1.80). This will be effective on 3rd of September 2013, so everyone when to pump full tank right after work making every where jam yesterday night! Long queue in every petrol station. Facebook are jammed too, with status and photo of people rushing to get their last cheap tank of petrol.

Some were scolding how terrible our government are raising the petrol price again right after Merdeka and some complaining those people who queue outside the petrol station which caused jam. Some said it is not worth waiting for hours just to save up only RM5 per tank and some said It is wasting time and petrol as well while waiting why not use those time for something much more better.

So what do you think!? Worth for waiting or not? Are you of them whose waited and queue to get your last cheap tank?

Some people are really kind which they actually complain in another way, I shall say in a manners way or being sarcastic. Writing notes as below;

"Terima Kasih Pengundi BN" which mean Thank you voter of BN. Humour petrol-rusher indeed he even used up his time while pumping his last cheap tank.

Nowadays Malaysian are more and more dare to speak know why? Because they had enough with unfair treat and many more disappointment toward the country. Malaysia is a great country but...... too much too much, If you get what I mean. He used all the time to draw this and show the Good sign while waiting, MrTQBN you really know how to use your time.

Worse come with worse, this happen in Malacca which the people waited for 3 hours and they can't buy petrol so they plan to destroy it. My colleague said it is because the owner don't want to sell the petrol they keep it till price raise. 

So what do you think?!


Fione said...

Petrol price is raising, seems like everything is raising. but salary never raise at all.. Sigh... :( such a hard life


MsCarolineLzt said...

Yeah~ this is economic =(