Monday, September 2, 2013



Hello September, since everyone have those monthly hello trend I shall do it too. From now on I will try my best to greet every month by blog post! #challengeacxepted!!! Hahahah

Don't take it so serious due to I have this short-term memory I will forgot what I say and what I did tomorrow morning hahaha!

People like to said or post status written "please be good with me September" but obvious September are so not treating us good right now! With those water crisis with those diesel causing many people have to go out with smelly hair or maybe smelly armpit. Hahaha! Then the Malaysian currency dropping crisis again, so do you think both of this is good!? Who know what else coming toward us?

But please don't blackout or no no those natural disaster come. Anyway both crisis already enough suffer for us, which they cut off the water supply everyday after working hour!! Which the time everyone Got home to take a good baths and cook dinner, how great is that. Making me have to take cold bath everyday~ tsk tsk!

Currency value why you drop! Why!! 

Good lucky Malaysian *peace*

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