Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The Raver

The party rocker we are!! Part one of the WeLoveAsia and yes we go on both day, party to the max. YOLO so dont waste our youth. We even bring our own drink there with alcohol, glasses, ice and juice!! But in fact it wasn't enough for us we got nothing when we reach inside and have to buy few cans of Tiger to get the tipsy-ness. Oh SHIT! This post just reminded me about the foam box=_= it belong to my mom and I sneak it out to chill our drink and now it is in my friend car. She gonna kill me when she found out the box is missing. Hope my friend haven destroyed it *fingers crossing*.

Me posing at the car while everyone getting themselves tipsy ready for the rave with DJ Antoine & Pitbull (Mr WorldWide). Girls being girls, #selca and being vain every where and any time.

Finally we are in, after a long que and far walking distance to Main stage to see the MrWorldWide - Pitbull!! By the time we reach DJ Antoine were spinning his last song and prepare to get down the stage for Pitbull. Were too enjoy the flow so didn't took any photo of Pitbull and we are kinda far from the stage too pack and crowded in front.

The 5 of us which tag along for the whole two night enjoying the rave. Dont need me to intro one by one right because Im lazy to intro one by one so just ignore their name please for now. hahahah!

#1 Me and the guys looking good!

#2 She and the guys, looking blurred. ahhah~ sorry guys but still look great!

My comfy rave OOTN for part one WeLoveAsia, the #budgetFashion.
Top & Bikini ; bought it from Bangkok
Short ; Sunway Asia Avenue
Sandal ; Vincci
Bag : Mango

#take two *Peace* the ashy make this picture look great!

Her with her cropped *peace* but still looking great, right!?

Bumped into some sorta colleague, Keven.

Dylan 大姐 and "HER" tipsy look. (fyi he is a man not a transsexual or what, no doubt he is man)

None local Indian muscle builder trainer from Singapore. I asked him why drink Redbull it full of sugar, doesn't it make you fat!? He answer me NO! you can drink Redbull no problem. So any fitness trainer or people who good in those nutrition stuff? It is okay for us to drink Redbull while cutting fat and buidling muscle?

Us again sweating and melting our make up in progress.

AM so in LOVE with this photo for no reason, just loving it.

Our Pitbull zai aka Jackson, curious why I called him Pitbull zai?! Continue scrolling and you will know.

#Selca trying hard to make my arm look thin.

#3 Our sweaty look or only me. -_-
#4 Blurred lines LOL~
#5 A very normal one, btw sorry if my fat tummy annoyed you.

TaaaaaDaaaa~~ Our Pitbull jr, why Pitbull jr?! While we are on our way to Sepang he was driving very slow and many car on the highway too, so I was keep nagging him "I wanna go watch Pitbull not go help him clean up the stage" and he replied me "I actually quite look alike Pitbull after I shave bald and with a shade" the whole car ride was LMAO, this is why I started to give him the Pitbull jr name. Here the photo he trying hard to act like Pitbull and showing off his armpit tattoo. Yay or Nay for our Pitbull jr?!

Babe on action!? Shade make it look better! hahahah

Me acting cool with the shade and not my can of beer. hahahah Im professional enough to make my photo like I super enjoying my RAVE! Props is what we need okay.

While they changing DJ or performer they actually took quite sometime so I sat on the floor everyone started to sat too and I forced them to pose with the beer. I keep on telling them this is how it feel and also look like we are really enjoyed to the max at the RAVE!

Raver #1 - Jackson aka Pitbull jr 
Raver #2 - Seon, skinny one

Raver #3 - Sarah Babe, the very OHM feel.

Raver #4 MsCarolineLzt Me! =P Trying to act cute here, sorry and dont mind me.

Lastly Raver #5 - the shy one our driver for both day, the non drinker - Boy

More on floor photo coming! Me big head photo a must.

Say thanks to who!? for such pretty photo!? Ahem ahem~ 

Me with the fake long legs and hands, have no idea how he took it most of the on floor picture my limbs look LONG and not FAT. Credit goes to Seon, Thank you very much.

The Pitbullier trying to steal my flame, the light behind making it nice! *thumb up*

After party #selca it will me only me right now! Me time here sorry again but dont run away my face doesnt look that scary right. LMAO

Gonna self-praising now, I look prettier in photo. Now I know why internet have so much pretty girls photo and the camera helped them to get a prettier face on photo! Im taking all this using my sis sis Casio ZR1000! Nice have auto enhancing so no need editing again.

Am running out of topic, oh well overall for WeLoveAsia part one wasn't as fun as I expected so so only and Pitbull is like having his own concert and not really rocking up but he is so sweating till his cool baldy head shine. We wasnt manage to rush up to see DJ Antoine perform or spinning we only saw the last part where he say thanks and go away and ya I think know this is all about the part one. There are three stage in total and a mini funfair for other not party raver but you have to change token la of course nothing is free my dear. They even bring in KFC and Pizza truck so you won't hunger to death if you were there since 2pm.

Crowd wasn't as we expected too, especially the entrance stage I don't think there are even a hundred people there. It more like welcome stage than a party stage pity the DJ there are no one applause for them. The other stage other than main stage is playing trance the whole night, ermm~ Im not a trance fans so not really fun for me.

If you're not tipsy enough to enjoy to the max you can get few cans of beer, 1 can RM15 and 6 cans is RM80. Don't try to bring in your own drink because they check your bags and your body as well to confirm no weapon no drugs or drink into the place.


Gillian Ong said...

heard it wasn't as good(we love asia) but regret not going all the same :p

Gillian.O <3

MsCarolineLzt said...

Yeah~ not fun but going with a bunch of friend make it better.