Thursday, October 31, 2013

Something New

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I have no idea how should I really starting this post also no idea what title should I put, so here a awkward opening! =__= Anyway, am going to review a bit on a gadget from Ninetology. Im a infamous blogger or a ghost-blogger but yet Ninetology still really big-hearted gave me a chance for this. A big thanks to Ninetology for the opportunity to review their product and hope I don't ruin your phone or gave the wrong inform.

Im not a gadget person so not really know what to compare other than the outlook and the camera. But please forgive me I forgot to transfer out the photo before I return the phone *sign* So no photo from the camera testing. So sorry because will not have any photo sample from camere *sad*. So let start;

Do enlarge to view more about the spec;


  • 5.7″ IPS HD display with 1280 X 720 resolution
  • 1.2 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6589 chipset processor
  • PowerVR SGX544 GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal Memory with expandable microSD
  • 12MP back facing camera
  • 5MP front facing camera
  • 2,600 mAh
  • Android 4.2
  • Come with Black / White colors
  • Price : RM 1,199
LG Optimus

  • 5.5″ IPS HD display with 1280 X 720 resolution
  • 1.7 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • 13MP back facing camera
  • 2.1MP front facing camera
  • 3,140 mAh
  • Android 4.1
  • 150.2 X 76 X 9.4 mm
  • Price : RM 1,780-1,880

A view of the boxes and phone itself, I even compare my own Note2 size with U9.  Samsung box is enough for the phone and accessories same go to LG, Ninetology box really BIG. I shall say it quite space wasting for me because I like keeping my phone boxes. They should smaller the box it also a step to eco-friendly. hahahah *lame*

U9Z1 is slightly bigger but thinner than both LG and Note2. The weight not much different, for U9Z1 slightly longer and thinner.

Front and back; I really like metal casing phone, so I kinda like U9Z1; classy and modern but I still love my Note2 and iPhone as well. 

The home-button; U9Z1 is fully touch-screen phone which mean no button. it is touchable screen. As for LG the Menu button is at the right and Back-button is one left, I will keep on press the wrong button because most of the phone back-button is on the right.

Im just to bored so I snap a photo of the call-numbers key.

Testing the On and Off time needed. I asked my bro to help me out because I have no idea where I placed my tripod =_=" So I have to hold on to the camera for all video. I just simply combine the video and put in song so not advice editing, please forgive me;

Starting with LG Optimus Pro G;

Camera/video view, screen sliding and the outlook. It might blur a bit because I shake a little. I think the camera not bad for the back cam, as for the front cam not so fancy. Everything is normal or maybe I didn't go into more deep to find out.

I don't like glossy phone very easy scratch. LG not dual sim and to slot in your sim card you have to remove the battery. Quite hard to open the back cover, which I have to be a bit harsh to open it.

The stuff come together with the phone;
QuadBeat earphone with 4 extra earplug, Menu and of course charger plug with the usb cable. I don't like the charger because it is a two pin plug, difficult to plug.

Always start with the Menu, know your phone before using it. Although myself won't really go trough the Menu unless I really having problem with my phone. hahaha

Ninetology U9Z1;

idk how you think about U9Z1 I think not a bad phone. It is not very famous yet compare to those iPhone, Samsung or Sony. So far I saw their phone really nice for the outlook design. The camera back and front both good and better than my iPhone4s too bad I don't have photo to show you guys.

N9Z1 is a dual-sim so you can slot in 2 sim cards, for those who work as sales this phone suit you but for me I don't like it. I used to have dual sim phone last time and I keep on confusing when someone call or sms me.

I like the sim card slot, which you don't need to remove battery to slotting sim. The battery is not removable, so if battery spoil you have to send it back to factory to fix it.

Accessories which come with the phone;
Earphone, 2 pin-plug charger with usb cable, menu, two screen-protector and two casing (normal casing and a flip cover casing)

Menu of course

If you wanna know where Ninetology office/network located;

And here is the end of it, for me I think Z1 is not a bad phone if you wanna buy big screen or android phone you can consider buying U9Z1 the spec is not far from the other phone. The phone look classy and nice. The camera really nice especially the front one, I like the front cam because iPhone front cam still quite pixelated and blur.

If wanna know more about their product go to ; Ninetology Official website
to get the latest inform or launching news go to ; Ninetology Malaysia Facebook

btw, Ninetology just release their latest U9P1 1 week ago. It comes with improved speed, fluid home screen switching, great user interface and multi-tasking at ease. To know more about the phone go to ; Ninetology U9P1

Thanks to Ninetology for giving me the chances to hold on the phone for 1 weeks and sorry for the late and lousy review. Was busy with my job and now Im free. *got fired*

Sunday, October 27, 2013


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正真说出分手 需要多大的勇气?

当大家都没勇气真正的决定该或不该分手时,最好的解决问题方式就是 冷静试考。
想想一起走了多久的路 才能遇到 在一起撞墙撞多少次才在回一起。

本来就很简单的一个问题 一人让一步就能解决掉 到来两人在气头上 勇气也爆满就这样 放开彼此的手。

*Forgive me for my bad Chinese.*


Friday, October 25, 2013

Hawaiian Luau Party

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Good news for all ladies! blogger Kinohimitsu having Luau Party inviting 50 bloggers! I'm gonna try my lucky to be one of the 50 blogger! Should I tag along Sarah with me since she a blogger to, should force her to get into it too.

Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu?!

I'm Kinohimitsu fan and I always think beauty stuff came from Japan or Korea really good that's why their country full with pretty lady and pretty boy. *just my own thought* I'm really hope got to go this event because it is Kinohimitsu I just don't have the reason it just I really wanna go. Although Im definitely will be standing a side in the corner alone and being very shy to talk to anyone but still I hope I can go, if they allow me to bring along a friend it will be good at least there a friend to accompany me and lesser my shyness. =_=" 

I use to drink Kinohimitsu J'pan BB drink and Im so in love with it. If you wondering which one it is here a picture of the product.

It have bird nest and cherry essence in it so it is really good for skin and super yummy even it is not chilled it still nice to drink. I used to have really bad skin although I still having bad skin but it is really bad worse than now, after I consume J'pan BB for 3months plus my skin got better even my bfy said my skin got better, My skin wasn't that dull, scar look fairer and acne really reduced quite many. I swear I didn't create this up because I wanted Butterfly Project Malaysia to pick me as one of the 50 bloggers.

I already can see the effect of Kino j'pan BB after 1week consuming it. but I stopped drink it because it quite costly I can't afford to keep on buying it. After I stopped few month later my skin got back to dull but not as dull as worse as before i drink just slightly not as good as the period Im still consuming it. 

Recently, I really interested in to their Kiloscut and J'pan D'tox. Im on my dietary now to get a fit ans healthy body! I will got the chance to try it one day.

and here the proof Im not lying I really did drink before; hahahahha

I never skip the drinking, I will bring it out with me if Im going out.
"Drinking to pretty and healthier look is as easy as A B C"

If you want to know more about their product go into their Facebook or their Website to know more about it;


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Worse Day Ever

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I had a worse day of my life!! Saddest than I really break up with my bf or the angrier than I got robbed all my stuff!! But of course I didn't break up with my bfy we are still lovey dovey and very buddy, plus I'm not been robbed no worry!

Just it make no different of it la. My stingy company finally came to inform me that they will not continue my contract which mean I'm literally got fired!! Really make no different than got robbed when I'm jobless no income it like no more shopping no more party and no more good foods! It force me to "break up" with my office computer and my lovely colleagues. 

I was kinda emo for few hours thou, serious shit super emo like I lost my flavor shoe!!! I'm not angry or sad because they fired me, is because they didn't give me a early notice they told me my job will be ended by 31st Oct!! Damn sudden lo please!!

I really feel like crying when I got the news!! But nope I did not cry and not gonna cry in front of them!! I don't want people feel pity of me I don't need it, especially my manager say he can help me to get a job if I really want it but know what I feel like tell him when he said so? "STFU" like real FURKED UP!! 

I thought I could hold my tear because I told my sis about it and without even a drop of tear. I hold my tears when I texted my dad the news.

Ahmmmm guess what? I can't hold on my tears when I called my bfy and told him about it and I cry madly in my car!! I feel so stupid and embarrassing because other driver might thought what happen to me.

I guess I'm still a lady in front my bfy after all. He should be the only guy who really see me crying like shit the most or the only one who really serious see me cry. 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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End/head of year there always many concert or rave party and I prefer PARTY!!! After WeLoveAsia2 and Tiesto coming up is Avicii, Thirst, David Guetta, ZOUKout, Hardwell and Wicked Festival!!

There will be Axwell and Zedd on stage so why not!? Awww~ Zedd so handsome, his eyes really pretty!! It doesn't mean Axwell not handsome.

They have started to sell Early-bird tickets from RM99 if no mistaken. My dad and my bfy don't like me going rave party they think it is really dangerous for girl to go such occasion or event. So I never will buy those tickets, because they will scold and scold and still scold till we die. So I just have to have other way of getting those tickets then buying it. Which is winning it from Audreypuiyan ;

But to win those tickets I have to be the top 2 commentor, so I need a little help from all of you to help me clicking a LIKE on my comment, it wont harm your or waste your much time. So help please!? *puppy eyes* 

Here the photo which I commented A U D R E Y PuiYan

Please a click of LIKE of yours might just send me to Wicked Festival to meet AXWELL and ZEDD!! If any of your need a return of help I will try my best to help too, just leave me a comment or email me will do;

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to!?

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How to become a famous proper blogger!!? Why some people can blog till earn for living and I don't even earn a cents of it?! I think I didn't try hard enough. Don't even know is there someone really read my blog.

Probably what I post just not interesting enough because most of the post were about my life. I do know how to make up but not yet a make up guru to do tutorial to teach people make up. I don't have a pretty and flawless skin so will not do any skin care post either, even I did no one will bother to read a ugly lady skin care post. Fashion blogger?! I never be one, I don't have good body for fashion and I only know how to mix around with my clothes I'm still far away from that.

Or I should try to blog about travelling and food!? Hmmm~I don't think so because I can't afford to keep on spending for foods and travelling around always. Reviewing on IT product is a big NO because I know nothing about IT, well if you read my blog you will know even my phone and laptop I using now were bought and tested by my dad and my boyfriend, they are my IT master I ask them whatever happen to my laptop and phone.

Look like I won't be famous forever, unless I married a handsome engineer and have a cutest baby boy like XiaXue I might still have the chances to be famous by only posting their photo. (xx is already famous before he married and before Dash were born) I'm just trying to give myself a little bit of fake hope.

Giving advertising post is a starting step but I never want to, I worry I didn't write it good enough or forgotten to blog about it or what. Even now I already skipped so many post which I promised myself to blog about. Most important is my English SUCK! If you used to read my blog you will know how suck my English is. My grammar are always suck even since from primary till now. I don't really know where to use and put those present, future or past tenses. FML! *embarrassing* Even a 9years old know it and Idk how to use it. WTF! Stab me now.

Even I have good English I just to lazy to on my laptop to blog after since I start working. I facing computer whole day in the office so I don't feel like facing my laptop after work. I don't have the heart to blog properly, I don't even care to edit my photo before posting it. See my blog layout already know I'm lazy. (fyi; am graduate from multimedia course but I'm suck in coding/website)

One words, LAZY!

Anyway, to cure my sick(laziness)!? and become a blogger people will know!? and have a blog who people do read and skipping in to look around?!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Im a Stylista

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I always shop at Padini Concept shop because they have every kind of style in one outlet. I can shop for office wear, casual wear, casual sporty wear, beach wear or glamour attires. Other than clothes they got shoes, bags and accessories. 

But whenever come to Padini most people will think of formal or office wear, even myself I used to knew Padini as a outlet which only sell office wear until I really start shopped there only I know they have other attires than formal.

Me and both my sis sis are semi Padini fans, we have many clothes from Padini and shoes from Vincci. We really like Vincci shoes it is nice and comfy plus it is affordable prices. hahahah!

Sorry for long winded! Here come the main point;

Padini Holdings Berhad having a contest for us or me as their fans to win ourselves some shopping money!!! YEAH~~~~~~~~~ this is my entry.

What do you think of my inspiration style?! The outfits is casual and not really bold so the accessories will be the "spotlight" of the day. If you notice, both denim pant and top are from the male categories. I like to mix&match a lot, myself always buy bigger size top or pant. I even wear my boyfriend clothes sometime like buttoned top as a outer. I like to buy dresses and use it two way, either as a dress or a top matching with a high-waist or medium waist pant.

Tuck in the top into the pant and buckler up with a leather belt put on the denim top as outer and roll up the sleeve.

What do you think of it!?

fyi id you really wanted to buy either one of the items above;

- Sheer panel sleeveless dress, RM159, Padini
- Button-down denim shirt, RM129, Padini (Male)

- Denim short, Rm89, Padini Authentics (Male) 

- Handbag with chain strap, RM145, Vincci

- Flat wedge, Rm99, Vincci

Accessories (Vincci Accessories)
- Square ring, Rm25
- Round ring, RM29
- Beaded Bracelet, Rm39
-Statement Necklace, Rm159

Friday, October 11, 2013

Im the Ms.

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Fast but not a short post, due to you will know later! hahahaha! Back to few weeks back, went to brunch with my dearest darling at Mr. & Ms. We waited for like 15 minutes or 20 minutes for a table, it was full because is weekends. The environment is normal cafe which quite comfy but a bit noisy because many kids that day. The waiting area really nicely decorated with sofa and some pillow a big size dog or horse cushion. The kids keep on hugging and sitting on it no chance to take photo with it.

The waitersreally good and sweet, they will keep on smiling even they are really busy and they gave us chair while we're waiting for our table. So picture with my date.

Finally our table no.20, table view. Every table will have a #SexyLips and a #MachoMoustache, their Menu is not fancy just simple and nice. As usual served with a big bottle of plain water. Anyone know why or what kind of style it is to serve water in a big glass bottle? It look like every cafe serving using the same bottle Plan B, Antipoden or 3Little Pigs. Anyway, it help me saved money from ordering other drink or drinking sweet drinks, so thumb up for BIG GLASS of WATER.

Before the foods was served we're being a typical girl while other people looking at us #selca-ing like no other people around us. hahahah! Girls being girls. 男左女右,您喜欢哪一个我。The grumpy one or the kissable one.

To get a better resolution photo small little help from the darling. I was so shy because people behind and the family next table are looking at us. Many people behind me, there're maid with their little mister/miss and people whose waiting for their table keep on staring at my back wondering when will I stop taking photo. *Sign* *annoying*

Finally our foods is here we actually waited for 15 minutes or longer for the food. =__=" I realise they quite slow in serving food because other table didn't have food before and after we got table.

Okay, her's food. Idk what the name, it is scramble eggs, ham, bacon, mashed avocado and bread of course. This cost around RM14-15 quite cheap, I mean cheaper than other places. I only taste a small piece and it is so so only and not impressing me much, Sarah said the eggs too much and over buttery. The avocado doesn't surprised us to.

And this is mine, this cost me around RM15-16 couldn't remember the actual price. The Atlantic Ocean; Smoked salmon, poached eggs, asparagus and bread. For me it is okay okay not really nice or super nice as it look like. The egg is nice but the salmon a bit salty.

After the meal this is how we look like, overly *BRF* look. It is overrated on internet, not bad just normal. Will not purposely go again, but if someone want me to go with them I will still go.

That's all, no idea what can I say more so show my face a bit. I just can't stop showing my photo look how naive my eyes is! hahahah FYI. photo taken by sis sis ZR1000. SUPER NICE!! 

In love with myself in here and I think my bfy will once again fall in love with me if he saw this photo because my tiger tooth look very cute here!! although my nose look big but I still loving this!

Okay not so short post anyway! hahahahahah -Bye-