Wednesday, October 23, 2013



End/head of year there always many concert or rave party and I prefer PARTY!!! After WeLoveAsia2 and Tiesto coming up is Avicii, Thirst, David Guetta, ZOUKout, Hardwell and Wicked Festival!!

There will be Axwell and Zedd on stage so why not!? Awww~ Zedd so handsome, his eyes really pretty!! It doesn't mean Axwell not handsome.

They have started to sell Early-bird tickets from RM99 if no mistaken. My dad and my bfy don't like me going rave party they think it is really dangerous for girl to go such occasion or event. So I never will buy those tickets, because they will scold and scold and still scold till we die. So I just have to have other way of getting those tickets then buying it. Which is winning it from Audreypuiyan ;

But to win those tickets I have to be the top 2 commentor, so I need a little help from all of you to help me clicking a LIKE on my comment, it wont harm your or waste your much time. So help please!? *puppy eyes* 

Here the photo which I commented A U D R E Y PuiYan

Please a click of LIKE of yours might just send me to Wicked Festival to meet AXWELL and ZEDD!! If any of your need a return of help I will try my best to help too, just leave me a comment or email me will do;

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