Friday, October 25, 2013


Hawaiian Luau Party

Good news for all ladies! blogger Kinohimitsu having Luau Party inviting 50 bloggers! I'm gonna try my lucky to be one of the 50 blogger! Should I tag along Sarah with me since she a blogger to, should force her to get into it too.

Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu?!

I'm Kinohimitsu fan and I always think beauty stuff came from Japan or Korea really good that's why their country full with pretty lady and pretty boy. *just my own thought* I'm really hope got to go this event because it is Kinohimitsu I just don't have the reason it just I really wanna go. Although Im definitely will be standing a side in the corner alone and being very shy to talk to anyone but still I hope I can go, if they allow me to bring along a friend it will be good at least there a friend to accompany me and lesser my shyness. =_=" 

I use to drink Kinohimitsu J'pan BB drink and Im so in love with it. If you wondering which one it is here a picture of the product.

It have bird nest and cherry essence in it so it is really good for skin and super yummy even it is not chilled it still nice to drink. I used to have really bad skin although I still having bad skin but it is really bad worse than now, after I consume J'pan BB for 3months plus my skin got better even my bfy said my skin got better, My skin wasn't that dull, scar look fairer and acne really reduced quite many. I swear I didn't create this up because I wanted Butterfly Project Malaysia to pick me as one of the 50 bloggers.

I already can see the effect of Kino j'pan BB after 1week consuming it. but I stopped drink it because it quite costly I can't afford to keep on buying it. After I stopped few month later my skin got back to dull but not as dull as worse as before i drink just slightly not as good as the period Im still consuming it. 

Recently, I really interested in to their Kiloscut and J'pan D'tox. Im on my dietary now to get a fit ans healthy body! I will got the chance to try it one day.

and here the proof Im not lying I really did drink before; hahahahha

I never skip the drinking, I will bring it out with me if Im going out.
"Drinking to pretty and healthier look is as easy as A B C"

If you want to know more about their product go into their Facebook or their Website to know more about it;


Scha Nazri said...

Good luck Caroline! :)



MsCarolineLzt said...

thanks nazri and huiying =)

Sherry said...

congrats :D

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