Tuesday, October 22, 2013


How to!?

How to become a famous proper blogger!!? Why some people can blog till earn for living and I don't even earn a cents of it?! I think I didn't try hard enough. Don't even know is there someone really read my blog.

Probably what I post just not interesting enough because most of the post were about my life. I do know how to make up but not yet a make up guru to do tutorial to teach people make up. I don't have a pretty and flawless skin so will not do any skin care post either, even I did no one will bother to read a ugly lady skin care post. Fashion blogger?! I never be one, I don't have good body for fashion and I only know how to mix around with my clothes I'm still far away from that.

Or I should try to blog about travelling and food!? Hmmm~I don't think so because I can't afford to keep on spending for foods and travelling around always. Reviewing on IT product is a big NO because I know nothing about IT, well if you read my blog you will know even my phone and laptop I using now were bought and tested by my dad and my boyfriend, they are my IT master I ask them whatever happen to my laptop and phone.

Look like I won't be famous forever, unless I married a handsome engineer and have a cutest baby boy like XiaXue I might still have the chances to be famous by only posting their photo. (xx is already famous before he married and before Dash were born) I'm just trying to give myself a little bit of fake hope.

Giving advertising post is a starting step but I never want to, I worry I didn't write it good enough or forgotten to blog about it or what. Even now I already skipped so many post which I promised myself to blog about. Most important is my English SUCK! If you used to read my blog you will know how suck my English is. My grammar are always suck even since from primary till now. I don't really know where to use and put those present, future or past tenses. FML! *embarrassing* Even a 9years old know it and Idk how to use it. WTF! Stab me now.

Even I have good English I just to lazy to on my laptop to blog after since I start working. I facing computer whole day in the office so I don't feel like facing my laptop after work. I don't have the heart to blog properly, I don't even care to edit my photo before posting it. See my blog layout already know I'm lazy. (fyi; am graduate from multimedia course but I'm suck in coding/website)

One words, LAZY!

Anyway, to cure my sick(laziness)!? and become a blogger people will know!? and have a blog who people do read and skipping in to look around?!


Henry Tan said...

hahaha cehhh i tot u will tell how to be.. =p

Jason Wong said...

The key is to write on a subject with good content consistently.

MsCarolineLzt said...

Henry; LOL! you already half way to famous or already is famous.

Jason; I should start thinking more for the content then ><