Friday, October 11, 2013


Im the Ms.

Fast but not a short post, due to you will know later! hahahaha! Back to few weeks back, went to brunch with my dearest darling at Mr. & Ms. We waited for like 15 minutes or 20 minutes for a table, it was full because is weekends. The environment is normal cafe which quite comfy but a bit noisy because many kids that day. The waiting area really nicely decorated with sofa and some pillow a big size dog or horse cushion. The kids keep on hugging and sitting on it no chance to take photo with it.

The waitersreally good and sweet, they will keep on smiling even they are really busy and they gave us chair while we're waiting for our table. So picture with my date.

Finally our table no.20, table view. Every table will have a #SexyLips and a #MachoMoustache, their Menu is not fancy just simple and nice. As usual served with a big bottle of plain water. Anyone know why or what kind of style it is to serve water in a big glass bottle? It look like every cafe serving using the same bottle Plan B, Antipoden or 3Little Pigs. Anyway, it help me saved money from ordering other drink or drinking sweet drinks, so thumb up for BIG GLASS of WATER.

Before the foods was served we're being a typical girl while other people looking at us #selca-ing like no other people around us. hahahah! Girls being girls. 男左女右,您喜欢哪一个我。The grumpy one or the kissable one.

To get a better resolution photo small little help from the darling. I was so shy because people behind and the family next table are looking at us. Many people behind me, there're maid with their little mister/miss and people whose waiting for their table keep on staring at my back wondering when will I stop taking photo. *Sign* *annoying*

Finally our foods is here we actually waited for 15 minutes or longer for the food. =__=" I realise they quite slow in serving food because other table didn't have food before and after we got table.

Okay, her's food. Idk what the name, it is scramble eggs, ham, bacon, mashed avocado and bread of course. This cost around RM14-15 quite cheap, I mean cheaper than other places. I only taste a small piece and it is so so only and not impressing me much, Sarah said the eggs too much and over buttery. The avocado doesn't surprised us to.

And this is mine, this cost me around RM15-16 couldn't remember the actual price. The Atlantic Ocean; Smoked salmon, poached eggs, asparagus and bread. For me it is okay okay not really nice or super nice as it look like. The egg is nice but the salmon a bit salty.

After the meal this is how we look like, overly *BRF* look. It is overrated on internet, not bad just normal. Will not purposely go again, but if someone want me to go with them I will still go.

That's all, no idea what can I say more so show my face a bit. I just can't stop showing my photo look how naive my eyes is! hahahah FYI. photo taken by sis sis ZR1000. SUPER NICE!! 

In love with myself in here and I think my bfy will once again fall in love with me if he saw this photo because my tiger tooth look very cute here!! although my nose look big but I still loving this!

Okay not so short post anyway! hahahahahah -Bye-