Thursday, October 24, 2013


Worse Day Ever

I had a worse day of my life!! Saddest than I really break up with my bf or the angrier than I got robbed all my stuff!! But of course I didn't break up with my bfy we are still lovey dovey and very buddy, plus I'm not been robbed no worry!

Just it make no different of it la. My stingy company finally came to inform me that they will not continue my contract which mean I'm literally got fired!! Really make no different than got robbed when I'm jobless no income it like no more shopping no more party and no more good foods! It force me to "break up" with my office computer and my lovely colleagues. 

I was kinda emo for few hours thou, serious shit super emo like I lost my flavor shoe!!! I'm not angry or sad because they fired me, is because they didn't give me a early notice they told me my job will be ended by 31st Oct!! Damn sudden lo please!!

I really feel like crying when I got the news!! But nope I did not cry and not gonna cry in front of them!! I don't want people feel pity of me I don't need it, especially my manager say he can help me to get a job if I really want it but know what I feel like tell him when he said so? "STFU" like real FURKED UP!! 

I thought I could hold my tear because I told my sis about it and without even a drop of tear. I hold my tears when I texted my dad the news.

Ahmmmm guess what? I can't hold on my tears when I called my bfy and told him about it and I cry madly in my car!! I feel so stupid and embarrassing because other driver might thought what happen to me.

I guess I'm still a lady in front my bfy after all. He should be the only guy who really see me crying like shit the most or the only one who really serious see me cry. 


Sarah Lee said...

find another one la kak... plenty of jobs .. jangan nangis .. besok jom tengok ghost movie .. lol .. but notice too short ni ...

MsCarolineLzt said...

I cry cause they ruin my plan! furkup company!

Sherry said...

I know how you feel, I was told that the month my last day of work, few days before end of month. :(

no compensation at all. :(

MsCarolineLzt said...

yeah~ But look at a bright side another chance for you to get a better offer and a higher salary job