Friday, November 29, 2013




This is how I look like right now! My laptop finally death can't even on it keep on shutting down when it show the Window logo. How great! I still have to review the Kino x Butterfly Luau party, MrLens, Hit Fitness & Martial Art gym and Cleanztox review.

Now everything have to be hold on! HOWWWWWW!! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY LAPTOP!!!! Shit thing come once and stay!

Am currently at JB waiting for my bfy big day tomorrow! Excited but not that excited yet nor nervous. He look calm and steady too like normal him. Tomorrow he will be at KSL Mall for his first Fight on stage. It is the Fight organized by his mentor, Melvin Yeoh one of the top fighter in Malaysia.

The Ultimate Beatdown, will start at 6.30pm tomorrow in KSL Mall level-1, Exhibition Hall. By the way anyone who interested to watch the fight you have to pay for the entry passes which cost RM30. For those who already bought the tickets do keep it will because you might be the lucky one who won the lucky draw.

If you got the lucky draw but don't want it just give it to me, I will be grateful to own it! hahahahh

Am so hungry now I could eat a horse or two!! Im here accompanying my bfy fasting because he have to go for weight in later so he can't be over weight! *face palm* Why do fighter have to torture themselves!!! Im feeling so torture now hungry like abcdefg!!!!


Nick said...

hahaha, the baby is cute!

MsCarolineLzt said...

HAHAH! ya when I saw it I was like HELL this is really expressing my feeling now hahahaa