Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The Continue of Being Butterfly

Okay start guess what am I gonna blog about!!! First of all I have to say sorry to Butterfly Project and Bag Of Love because now only I wanted to blog about it.

My house internet quota finished can't even upload photo!! This is the only photo I uploaded so long.

Ladies please be patience.

Continue my review, the one I'm super late to submit and the line being rebel!! Keep my wind for another post stick to the topic.

By right I should post it way back, as this is a Halloween version of Bag of Love Lice and Taadaaa! Sorry for the late post and this the bag of the month, Halloween Pumpkin. Cute right!?

Let see what inside; 
  1. Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream SPF50/PA+++, full size
  2. Definite makeup brush
  3. Wella, SP hair repair mask
  4. Wella, SP shampoo
  5. Collistar, anti-cellulite
  6. Splash, mini glow in dark nail polish

Collistar, anticellulite; I haven try it on for real not really sure does it really really could just burn away those "orange skin". That's why it is in the Bag Of Love to let us try it before we really buying the full size.

Always remember to read all the instruction before applying it, in case you have any sensitive.

This is how the inside look like watery liquid not sticky, just wipe it on the part with "orange peel".

The Splashiest nail polish ever, easy coating on and fast drying polish. The color are semi-transparent pinkish orange for what your eyes seeing only.

But actually the color isn't as what you seen. This is magical nail polish!

The surprise is here! It glow in the dark, it is neon yellow. You have to apply 2-3 coats to see the effects. This the reason why Splash is in the October-Halloween bag. Really suitable for Halloween season.

The Wella Sp hair mask & shampoo, I tried them and YES it is really nice. After using it and blow dry my hair they are so smooth and smell good. I look the mask more, gonna buy their hair mask after I finish my current mask.

The Definite makeup brush, the brush is soft but I have too too too much brush! So this is gonna be in the drawer till I spoil the current one.

Lastly, the Nanowhite Infinity CC Cream with SPF50/PA+++. CC stand for Color Correction or Color Control.

Remember again, READ everything. I believe this 30ml can use quite sometime, you don't need many to cover whole face and your neck.

This is how it look like before you spreading all over your face, milky white. This is a bit too much, I only need like half of the amount of the photo shown. The texture are different then the BB cream, it is light, non-stick, non-oily and it is water base cream. 

Dab small amount on the face and neck then spreading it using patting motion all over the face and neck. you will see the milky white cream auto-adjust the color to the color of your skin tone. I really like the CREAM! I feel good like I didn't put on any cream on. Best is it can cover the minor scar and pores too. I recommending this if you wanna try CC cream.

This is the With and Without the cream on without any editing on color or brightness. The red ring is the spot I applied. 

I almost forgot, one last thing in the bag. A discount voucher at JoJoBa Spa/Royale Spa. But this will be wasted =_= I don't think I will be going or using this so anyone want it!? Do let me know I will just give it to her or him. Expire on 31st December 2013 so you still have 1 month to use it. So if interested do let me know ASAP!

If you are interested to see what coming next in Bag Of Love followed them on

Christmas coming and they already posted the coming December bag of the month. You might like it, it is a Red puffy clutch as below, the photo I took it from their Facebook. Be quite and subscribe now before sold out.

This is all about the review and Big thanks to Bag Of Love of course and a must to thanks The Butterfly Project and their SWAT team for choosing me as the gonna be Butterfly. Thank you!!

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