Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hula Hula

It been awhile I didnt update my blog and here am I after awhile, I been MIA because my laptop death and not yet recover now Im blogging using my bro notebook, it is so lag and slow!!!!! Anyway MARI give a guess see what Im gonna blog about, here a clue for you. My OOTN;

Continue guessing till you found the answer, this is me and my besties, Sarah trying hard to avoid from photobombed me, this is why she is blurred behind me. We are stuck in a jam while going to the place.

We finally arrived and a little late, we reach and they just started everything. So many beautiful Butterflies and caterpillars with the SWAG team. SWAG giving some speeches and us listening carefully.

The flying HULA HULA!! and The Hula Girl welcome us.

A mini game for everyone to win ourselves some extra goodies, easy game but we lose the game. meh meh~

We have to fill an empty container till full using these tools; sponge, silk cloth, fabric, sponge with stick and etc etc.
All the Pretty ladies rushing to fill their container.

After the game we when into the sponsored venue to have a look and TAADAA we saw this, Kinohimitsu  J'pan Bio-Booster. This is their new products events. So did you got your answer correct?? We are all gather at Vila Manja Spa with the Butterfly Project blogger to learn and get to taste everything ourselves.

Them explaining what and why we should have Bio-Booster also the benefit of it.

The door was open big and the big sign of Kinohimitsu Luau Party so the butterflies won't lose their way. ALOHAAA!!

We got to taste the Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster at the second booth; It taste nice, it is lychee flavor. It can be mix with 100ml cold water for better taste or just pour it into your mouths. I skipped first booth because I didnt took photo of it, it is the goodies bag redemption booth.

Third booth the Spin & WIN! Everyone have a chance to win another extra goodie, how great right!? I wanna spin myself a electronic fan but NO! I got another bottle of Kino collagen no that bad la but I still want the fan! hahahah 

Fourth booth the Mocktail bar; they serving us with Kinohimitsu moctails and CUPCAKES!!! It is delicious and cute.

I even take a photo with my cupcake! So many flower =D

After passing all the booth, we went to the 123Cheese Photobooth to have our nice photobooth photo! BIG Thanks to 123cheese for sponsoring the event so we all the butterflies have free pretty photo souvenir.

The local celebrities also consume Kinohimitsu to keep thei body healthier and prettier skin!! They give everyone a short speech of experience and result of consuming Kino products.

The SWAG team even prepare us some dinner, how considerate they are feeding us with yummy food and nice goodies and also activities. But one bad thing is we have to stand there and eat our foods.

Some belly dance presenting by the Celebrity Fitness or Fitness First dancer. Sorry I forgot which fitness it is from. It is a nice and enjoyable dance with the sweet smile from the dancer.

After all those standing, walking and playing we finally have short rest while waiting for our free 5 minutes massages sponsor from Vila Manja Spa.

Happy moments always end very fast and we ended the event with a BIG GROUP photo which I don't have it. hahaahha! Got home and camwhore/vain a bit. I only do this when I put on make up, because I look more presentable and won't scare you people away.

This what I get from the event and also some good knowledge also meet many other butterflier blogger! Hope I have more chances to meet everyone again in the next events. 

What in the goodies bag; 1 box of Kino Bio Booster

1 small box of J'pan Beauty Drink, Collagen.

The photo from 123cheese photobooth. We also got a cert from The Butterfly Project, button pin and a sticker of Luau Party.

POTD; Hawaii with flowery accessories!!! They actually gave we each person a Lei, but I keep it because I was a bit too much flower -_-"  Anyway everyone look so nice and well prepare in the hawaii/beach wear to match the event theme!! 

Gonna thanks to The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu for all the fun and everything on that night. Thanks to giving me a big and memorable chances to join you guys to success this events. LOVE & HUGGIESS!

Will try my best to update review others pending review. Also will review after I finished the Bio-Booster. Night everyone =*

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