Monday, December 23, 2013


Jingle Jingle

Oh well is almost Christmas and also almost end of the year of 2013 which mean I'm gonna start my new job very very soon!!

So Christmas I don't wish for big or luxury present from Santa just wishing all my family, my bf & my friends will be good in life and my career will be more stable.

Nothing much I could really wish for I believe money wont drop from sky and luxury won't walk to my doorstep waiting for me to pick them up. So I only hope my life will be smooth for the years coming.

On Christmas night I will be having ice-cream with my bf just like last 2years. We had Gelato ice-cream at Midvalley on the first year together

and last year we had il Gelato di Bruno in Singapore, Universal Studio.

So this year where should we have?! And what ice-cream shall we get for on Christmas?!
I think I shall tell my bf, make it a routine every year Christmas we must go for ice-cream together!! Hahaha

If you ask me what is the happiness think to do in the world, it will be staying together with my family and my bf.

Because they are the person I first know since I born and the last person I will wanna see before I lying in a coffin.

Love ; MsCarolineLzt


✿Jace✿ said...

the ice-cream thinggy is sweet :3

MsCarolineLzt said...

Lol~ thing to kill bored on Christmas at least we have thing to do every year Christmas. But we didnt get to have icecream this year.