Friday, January 10, 2014


Eat Like a Korean

It is a sudden urge last Sunday,
after I finished my Running Man and they are eating Korean BBQ in the show!! So I suggest to have Korean as our brunch & dinner because by the time we get out of our bed it already almost evening. Lazybones!!

We decided to go Seoul Korean, located at first floor in Taman Desa. We normally go for DaoRea because they always service the best.

Is quite a disappointment meal, If you know that restaurant it is under renovation few month ago, it is korean BBQ restaurant.

It was bfy first visit and my 2nd visit there the first time was blast their foods is amazingly nice and price are reasonable too. 

We were there at 5.05pm after 5-10 minutes people already queued till the end of staircase.

Friendly reminder they open at 5.30-11.30pm for night, I couldn't find anyone writing this or blogged about the exact time, everyone wrote 10.30am-11.30pm.

If you don't want to wait too long you can call for reservation but as I know reservation only for RM250. 

The previous look doesn't look as neat and tidy as after renovation. Last time it was stuffy, they even have a fans sharing between table with table blowing because really hot and stuffy.

Most important last time don't have the ventilation machine on top of the BBQ stove if I'm not mistake, now they installed each table one but still the restaurant still full of smoke and BBQ smell. They should put more ceiling ventilation. 

Lets start ordering our meal for the night. The price look like increased a little bit and the variety still not many. 

Start grilling the sam-Gyoub-sal RM27, only for 4 thin slices. Pork belly!! YUMMY

Dak Bulgogi (non-spicy) marinated chicken, RM28 for really big pieces.

Kimchi Ji qae, kimchi soup with rice RM19. 

Sorry totally forgot about the banchan (side dishes) here it is!! 
They got 10 type of banchan

*Mayo Macaroni & crabmeat stick ( ✓ )
*Pickle cucumbers ✓ )
*Kimchi (not spicy only soury)
*Dry salted seaweed ✓ )
*Pickle seaweed ✓ )
*Fried glass noodle ✓ )
*Fried Eggs ✓ )
*Salty meat (a bit too Salty)
*salted Anchovies & Peanuts (I don't like peanuts & Anchovies)
*Lady fingers ✓ )

Every time we go for Korean BBQ we will sure almost full eating only banchan while waiting for the meat to be grilled. My bfy always said why don't only order for bap (white rice) and eat with banchan since it can filled and it is free. We can really save if we only eat bap with banchan. LMAO 

They also gave complimentary sauced lettuce, quite nice but too much sweet sauce less sweetness will be better. 

Also complimentary seaweed soup, if you went there before you should know they give free steam pot eggs but then they changed it with soup. 

I prefer steam egg, the seaweed soup so so only. 

Almost forget, they serve you with ginger tea too. Taste good but bfy don't like ginger. 

Why are we disappointed with SK since everything look good and nice.

My bfy keep on complaining about the kimchi soup with only tofu and veggies but no meat. But ya the kimchi soup are full of veggies not even a pieces of meat in it. Anyway, Kimchi is still really nice and recommended to try it. 

As for the grilled Pork belly, Sam gyoub sal. Very less amount and small piece after grilled very really dry.

Marinated Chicken (non-spicy), dak Bulgogi. Quite many and not really nice. The pork belly are nicer compare with the chicken. 

The half death face after eating half of the foods. Actually the side dishes already enough for both of us!! Both of us are not a big eater.

It cost us this much, RM85 after rounded up the total. 2 BBQ meat of pork and chicken and 1 kimchi soup. 

I remember they served fruits after we finish our meal and cold chestnut water right?! But yesterday no they didn't served any of that. 

And I remember last time they have a bowl of korean sweet on the counter for customer to have some now they only give each person one. That sweet really nice not sure we can get it anywhere win KL or not. Should be last time those customer too greedy take too much so they change it.

Anyway, Me and bfy both still think Dao Rea is way nicer than Seoul Korea after yesterday dinner. The first visit I kinda fall in love with their foods but now nay Quite a BIG disappointment. 

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