Friday, January 3, 2014



This is a very late post up, sorry to the sponsor and the SWAG team for the delay. My laptop haven fix and I lost some of the photo even the screen shot I capture have lost together with my laptop!!! 😭😭😭

Anyway, was gonna blog about my experience shopping with MrLens with the help of The Butterfly Project. For the meantime I couldn't tag/link them because I'm writing using my phone.

Okay here we go a short and easy step to buy a pair of len;

1) Choose the lenses you wanted to buy and click in. 

2) Choose color, power and total pair of lenses. 

3) Then it will appear in yours "My Cart" check ally he detail like power and color then press checkout. 

4) After that you're required to login or register as member if you're not yet a member. 

5) and then you will go back to the "My Cart" list again and press Checkout. Just follow the step Fill in delivery info and do your payment an CONFIRM! Last thing is wait with patience. 

It is easy and fast!? If you need a pair of Len and no time to go to the optical shop here this for you to get it anywhere with computer or phone!

And you can get it after ordering it around 2-3days!!!! I got mine in time and they packed nicely. 

Lenses I bought is "Starburst Grey" & "3Tones Violet" both without power ad is 15mm. 

This is how inside the box look like.

I already used the Violet one, it doesn't look obvious or too much just right. A close up for the len. 


Tammy Miu said...

swag team? sound also nice haha

MsCarolineLzt said...

LOL I thought is SWAG. My mistake just realise is SWAT