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As a Blogger we always said this " Sharing is Caring, Caring is Loving" and here am I to share something good with my reader!!! Because I care and I love all of you. hahahaahha I know a bit too much huh. Anyway here a good product I actually wanted to blog about it since last year November or December!? Too long till I forgot when I try this product, sorry peeps all because my laptop I have to stop blogging for months! Anyway, gonna share how the product taste, how to consume and what will you get.

Here is the product I mention, Cleanz Tox - Mixed Fruits & Vegetables Fibre Beverage. It is a product for both gender and it is good for heath know why!? Continue reading I will let you know why. This how Cleanz Tox look like, one box contain 15 sachets. Price per box is RM98, the price is reasonable for the result it gave.

Product Features;
  • Eliminates Colon Toxin
  • No Diarrhea & Improves Bowel Movement
  • Improves Digestive System Function
  • Prevents & Relieves Constipation

The sachet didn't mention how many I should consume; but it is recommended to consume one sachet a day. Prepare yourself a cup/glass/mug/measurement cup.

This is how the sachets look like; as you can see the packaging tell you everything, Cleanz Tox = Detoxing and everything in it is GREEN! Green mean healthy okay, at least my dictionary tell me green equal to healthy.

Pour a 200ml warm water, I got a cup with measurement on it. if you don't have one go get it because it come in handy. I can use this for other collagen powder or milk or healthy power drink. So go get one or you can just estimate the water yourself. Do you know most of the healthy drink or product they will never ask you to mix it with hot water? Unless it mention to use hot water, because hot water might kill all the nutrient in the drink. So always remember to read all the instruction before starting your healthy diet.

Then start pouring the sachet in, pour everything in. The color of the powder was yellowish to brownish but one it contacted the water it turn green, as you seen in the following photo.

The fun part is here; Start shaking it or stir it well till the powder mix well together with the water. If your cup doesn't come with a cover sorry you just have to stir it with spoon. Mine come with cover so I shake it easily.

And taaadaaaa!!! I'm done shaking everything and remember to drink immediately after your stir it. Somehow the color look weird and it taste not as delicious as I thought. LOL! Because it mention it taste like lemon but it doesn't taste exactly like lemon. NO! It taste like veggie and lemon! Actually not exactly bad just not what I expected. But then my friend told me I can mix it with orange juice or other juice you like, it will taste nicer. I shall try to mix with juice niext time. One more thing do remember to drink 4 glasses(1200ml) of water within an hour.

Okay here the most important thing you have to know; Cleanz Tox is a fiber drink powder it is a blend of fiber-rich food powders and essential nutrients to support digestive function. It includes a blend of both soluble and insoluble fibers that are important for regular elimination.

What is Fiber?

Dietary fiber is the indigestible potion of plants we eat that move food through the digestive system, adsorbing water and easing bowel movements. There are two types - Soluble and Insoluble.

Soluble Fiber - is made up of carbohydrates and can dissolve in water. It can help slow the absorption of sugar, which helps moderate blood glucose levels. It also assists in maintaining cholesterol levels already within a normal range. Good sources of soluble fiber include oats, legumes (peas, beans and lentils), barley, fruits and vegetables (especially kiwi, green apple and carrots).

Insoluble fiber - mainly consist of plant cell walls and does not dissolve in water. It creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach (aiding in weight management) and helps create bulk and moisture in the stool, for more efficient elimination.

This is the ingredient of Cleanz Tox;

*Grape Seed
*Green Apple
*Green Tea
*Psyllium Husk
*Oat Brain
In case you wanna know about it; Health benefit of Fiber

Colon and rectal cancer : Increasing fiber can help decrease the risk of colon and rectal cancers.

Diabetes : Diets hign in fiber help control blood sugar levels and have also been shown to decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Heart disease : Fiber can reduce blood cholesterol levels. Diet high in fiber have also been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Diverticulitis : Fiber decreases the risk of diverticulitis, a painful intestinal condition.

Constipation : Fiber helps prevent constipation.

Weight control : Fiber is filling, has almost no calories, and helps maintain blood sugar - all factors that help control hunger and body weight.

The result are pretty good! You can't feel it like collagen drink which shown on your skin but you can see the result through your daily toilet section. Or if you did before tummy detox treatment at beauty salon, the result is almost the same as that. The box of Fiber Powder is way cheaper than the tummy detox you did at beauty salon. I'm satisfy with the result from that Cleanz Tox gave me. 

And they are going to give 10% discount to my reader who purchase by mentioning my name!! Do remember to mention my name (CAROLINE LZT) for 10% discount. Detoxing is also a way to get a flat healthy tummy! So bring home a healthy fiber drink and get a healthy flat tummy now.

I hope I had solve all the question/problem. To purchase do contact Facebook The Health Project or Call/SMS at 010-933 4366 (Cazz).

For more info visit their Official website My Health Shop


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