Thursday, March 27, 2014


Eyeball or Fishball

Recently, everyone been busy asking me what happen to my eye and why MC for so long and etc etc question about my health. So I am to tell you guys what actually happen to my eye adn what make me Medical leave for such long period.

It actually happen last week, it started once I'm awake from sleep; I realize my right eyeball really pain and very teary since I open my eyes. I didn't suspect anything and go work as usual all I thought it was minor symptom of lazy eyes, is like when we wake up early morning and our eyes couldn't open and really sensitive toward light. It was still fine for me not really difficult or couldn't go work or what so I did not take any action on it.

Last Saturday I told my bf when he otw coming to KL to visit me about it and he told me to go for doctor check up make sure it was my eyes infection coming back. Fyi; I got very terrible eyes infection on both eyes last month right after CNY and I got myself to doctor and I was given 2-3days MC till my eyes got better. So I waited for my bf to reach KL and asked him to accompany me to the doctor I went last month;
The above picture was taken before I went in for check up with the fingers stuffy from bf, it was Saturday. I go and register myself my eye couldn't stand the pain and my tears keep on rolling down the nurse thought something happen to me and she look a bit panic. hahahaha! Sorry to scared you MsNurseWhoeverYouAre. Believe me it is really painful and hard to control my eye to not blinking for a second. It feel like something stuck inside my eyelid of stick to my eyeball, is like got sting or lancing pain. After I told the doctor, he is the exactly the same doctor I go for last month for eyes infection and he scolded me why I didn't go for specialist right after the eyes infection. Feel like putih putih got scolded; because my eyes got better after that so I didn't go for Specialist. 

I went to the recommended Eye Specialist Center at Subang Jaya;  Did my registrstion, eyes sight test, eyeballs scanning and idk what test. Doctor told me it is a sractches on my corneal which make me having difficulty to open my eye and it explain the stinging pain of my eye. He said it quite a minor thing and can be recover in 3-4 days. He even explain what and why and how possibilities of ter-scratched my own eyeball. Even opening my eye the eyelid could scratch it easily, this make a point because I already felt the pain since few weeks ago and this is not the first time I experience the pain once Im awake from sleep.

So he asked me to rest and put those medication eye drop he gave;
The Smallest will be the eye cream for night before I sleep, the middle one is a eye drop which can't keep at hot places or under sun use it every 4-5 hours and the biggest bottle is every 30 minutes start from the second I walk out of the center. This is not all yet, doctor even ask the nurse to put a contact len on my right eye to protect it scratches got worse or to lesser my pain whenever I open and close my eye. I have to wear the len for 4 days continuous till Tuesday I go back to check up the doctor will remove for me.

I got a quite sensitive eyeball last time I wear lenses it only last for 2-3 hours and I took it off. This is so torturing I have to wear it 4 days, but it really feel better after the nurse place it for me but on the second day it started to blur my vision and the uncomfortable started till the 4th day. My eye doesn't or feel any better after that, it turn red and swollen even worse. Below picture was taken on the night of first and second day.
On Sunday 23 March 2014, it was my cousin wedding dinner and I have to attend the dinner without make up but supper red plus swollen eye. Till Tuesday my vision didn't get better it is still blur and it make me headache just to try opening my eye.

I was so happy it is Tuesday because it is the day I could remove the len and get better so I could start going back to work. My brother drove me there after 1 hour waiting for my turn same thing test this and scan that end up my eye didn't get better but got worse! It turn out to have a white bacteria spot on my eye and that the cause of blur vision. First word came to my mind what FURK! Then after explaining everything doctor said it is Corneal Ulcer they call it.

What is Corneal Ulcer; Explanation/credits from/to Wikipedia

"Corneal ulcer, or ulcerative keratitis, is an inflammatory or more seriously, infective condition of the cornea involving disruption of its epithelial layer with involvement of the corneal stroma. It is a common condition in humans particularly in the tropics and the agrarian societies. In developing countries, children afflicted by Vitamin A deficiency are at high risk for corneal ulcer and may become blind in both eyes, which may persist lifelong."
The only freaking words I receive was BLIND for LIFELONG from the doctor, I am super worries but the doctor keep on say "Lucky it is not in the middle or else you will be blur/blind. We have to treat this really serious, no worry okay. You just follow what I told you to do and come back again on Thursday see what will happen" I was stoned there for few second and having blank mind at that moment.

I was hoping this medical center is a scamming center at least this is not a try medical report about my eye! =_= okay I know this is quite a naive thinking but better than I keep on the negative side. I told my parents and they look normal as it never happen, I do told my bf and he is like WTF! go to another specialist check properly! -_-" wtf and he keep on repeat this “皇帝不急,太监急” the translation is "The Emperor is not worried, but the Eunuch are worried to death."

Okay, off to my 3rd check up. I will updated about my eye and the services I got at the specialist I go......TBC - To Be Continue

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