Saturday, March 29, 2014


Instant Post

Hey~ remember I blogged about Cleanz Tox few days ago?

I bought orange juice just to try whether it is taste better with orange juice and will it give effect. After mixing Cleanz Tox powder and orange juice it will turn into this color; *sorry for the low quality photo due to I'm blogging using my phone right now so don't complain ya and I purposely cover my right eye cause don't wanna show you all my ugly problem eyes.
The color actually make me losing appetite, hahahah! And the smell still the same but the taste I really way better than mixing it with plain water. So people do mix it with juice then water for easy consuming. Btw I forget to mention on my previous post; it is slightly thicker that's why you have to drink within 1 hour so it won't turn thick and hard to drink.

And I shall said the effect is still the same!! So why not go for Cleanz Tox. Remember if you gonna buy remember to mention CarolineLzt for 10% off.

Ciao~ Tgis everyone and I'm gonna rest at home. 

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