Friday, March 21, 2014


Military Trend is HERE!

Military tag is nor longer only for army neither gonna be found in the battlefield because it is a trend to everyone. And I got one just to followed the trend and make sure I'm not outdated. Be patience I'm revealing the detail on it.

Taaaadaaa! The metal box and wait for the next photo to come!

Here the inside; everything in it

My two personalized embossed tags come together with two black rubber silencers and two stainless steel chains (27" & 5.5"). Fyi the pretty metal box is a additional items, which mean you have to pay for it. It is not included in the package.

Detail of the embossed letter; of course I will emboss my own name and my blog link on one of the tag. The other tag I choose to put a quote I saw last few day before I order this; "FEEL SORE TOMORROW OR FEEL SORRY TOMORROW, YOU CHOOSE"

Detail of the rubber Silencers.

It look way nicer after I put on the Silencers!! I was like "Wao this really look cool" after I put it on! hahaha

You might but curious where I got my Military tag, I got it from Malaysia Military Tag, They started this company on 2011 and based in Malacca. Guess what the founder name!?

hahaah! This the founder and his name is RotiJohn Tan, I guess he love Roti John so he name himself right after it. Anyway they don't only sell normal silver tag, it come in black colour tag, other colour silencers or you could customise the graphic you want.

 They even have Superheros series! It look so damn COOL!!!!!!!! 

Don't you feel like getting one!? It could be your picture on it if you want too. Next time if you run out of idea to get what for Valentine, Military Tag might be a good idea and you shall emboss something like "She/He is no longer available, SO STAY IN THE FRIEND ZONE". Hmmmm~~~ not bad huh!? I shall get one for my boy so those girls won't disturb him.

Did I mention they do sell Paracord Military Watches and Paracord Military Bracelets?! Not those sissy bracelets of course, it is really nice and manly one. This is one of the watch I really like it, Orange Force Solar Watch. It really simple but nice I fall in love with it on the first sight.

One of the kind Paracord Military Bracelet; It can be other colour than army green you can choose the colour you like. If you're curious what is the paracord is, it is actually used in parachute therefore it is strong cord, it is braided from 32 strands and the core made up of seven two-ply yarns. Breaking strain is approx 250 kilos (550lbs) per string. This is one strong bracelet you could find out there! hahaha

Btw they even sell shoe/boots those army kind of shoe. Anyway if you're interested to get it just go to their website ; Malaysia Military Tag buy online or PM them on Facebook Malaysia Military Tag. For more info do contact them.

Don't tell me you don't like it because I already fall in love with the tags, if you wanna get the same tags as mine. My tags is ; Standard silver double military tag

Thanks to RotiJohn Tan aka founder of Malaysia Military Tag for the cool tag!! *huggies*


Wilber TJH said...

how much that cost? the tags

Soon Joo Yee said...

Wow!!thanks for sharing this :) i hope i will get one of that :3 ohya btw if got time do visit my blog back can ?><

Thanks alot yaaaa^^

MsCarolineLzt said...

Wilber, the tags around RM30-40 for mine if you want other the price are different so do go to their website for more details.

Soon, you should get one it is really cool.

Soon Joo Yee said...

does it review product? ><

MsCarolineLzt said...

ermmm~ I think this one you should ask them. =)