Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Are you HOT or COLD?!

Do you know that we Chinese actually categorized foods into 3 categories; Hot, Cold or Neutral property. That's not all, we human body as well categorized into 3 property same as the foods. But how much do you know about your own body and the foods you consuming?!
Here is why I'm blogging it right now so I could spread this out to people who might not knowing it or people who know but don't know what type property their body. Continue reading to understand more and get to the HOT-COLD property of your foods.
Understand the property.
The HOT;
If you have a hot body type do pair hot foods with cold foods. While warm foods are usually more gentle. Do note that everyone all time favourite; Chocolate can cause gastrointestinal acid reflux gas and thus abdominal pain.
Neutral foods are suitable all year round, and for both body types. Neutral foods can help in improving your spleen, appetite and maintain health in general.
And lastly the COLD;
Cold foods can purge the excess of heat from your body and detoxify. Pair cold foods with hot foods like chili or ginger. Note; Food high in acid such as tomato and lemon are prone to causing acid reflux. 
Click image to enlarge the diagram.
How to determine your body type.
Ask yourself few question to know which body type you are.
  1. Do you suffer from dry eyes, skin or throat?
  2. Are you always thirsty, especially for cold water?
  3. Do you have a rapid heart beat?
  4. Are your body to the touch?
  5. Is your breathing hard and loud?
If above question almost of your answer is YES you are Hot person, then you should choose the combination of Cooling and Neutral recipes.
  1. Do you have a slow heart rate?
  2. Do you often have cold extremities?
  3. Do you prefer hot drink; Sweet, salty, crunchy food?
  4. Do you have shallow or weak breathing?
If more YES, you're COLD person, you should choose combination of Warming and Neutral recipes.
So now you get what property you are and how to deal with your diet accordingly? Hope you all can understand and know trough the diagram.
Above info are bought to you by; Gaviscon

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