Saturday, April 19, 2014



It arrived!! What arrived!? That thing arrived!!! Scroll down to see what it is. They packed it with care so it won't break while being delivery to my house. With many papers and layers of bubbles wrap. They are really generous by giving me two, in the beginning I thought they giving me one but it come in two boxes! LOL

Taaadaa~ My photo on mug is here!! Two lovely mug with my lovely family photo while we are at Taiwan and another with me and my bfy photo we took while i visit him at JB.
Some close-up of the printing, it quite nice. It is exactly the photo I sent them, I mean by the quality/resolution of the photo.
 First mug, I only send them the photo those additional graphic are from Tboox themselves.

Second mug, same I only gave them the photo other design and graphic are made by Tboox. The logo is a must be there I think or you may request them not to put in, I think. Not sure they will accept own design graphic or not.

Lovely mug right!!! I not gonna use it, I will keep it. I quite regret I used the 21st birthday mug because it look like it gonna break how sad. Anyway if interested to get this mug, here the link; Personalized mug

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